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St. Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher is “Almost Out of Answers”

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams lost - at home - today to the Arizona Cardinals.  And that’s not all that big of a deal.  The Cardinals are the best team in the NFC West.  They own the second best record in the NFC.

The Cardinals are going to the playoffs.  They may make it all the way to the Super Bowl with a head coach like Bruce Arians.  And that’s because he has a grasp on reality.  He has a grip on his team and where they’re headed.

Jeff Fisher does not.  Here’s what Fisher had to say this evening after his team lost embarrassingly, for the fifth straight time, by a final score of home.

Coach is almost out of answers. My responsibility is to say, ‘Hey, I’m going to get this thing fixed.’ I mean we’re not efficient on offense. We have too many good players. We’ve got guys that can produce. We have an outstanding running back and we have a dynamic receiver. We’re starting to get a little bit better on the offensive line and so we’ll keep working. But it has to get better. It’s not good.

It’s ok if you’re confused about what the Rams are doing.  It’s also ok if you’re not sure where they’re headed -- in the 2015 football season, or geographically in 2016.

It’s ok because the head coach of the football team doesn’t know.  He’s almost out of answers.  Quite frankly, I think we - collectively - are almost out of questions.