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St. Louis Rams 3, Arizona Cardinals 27 - Only The End Is Safe

The past is no refuge for Rams. The present is too painful. We need only only get to the threshold between the present and the future. It's the only reprieve.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the 2011 season, the last under Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo, the horrid Rams offense flopped without a full season from their franchise QB having to rely on Kellen Clemens and A.J. Feeley for six starts finishing 32nd in points and 31st in offensive yards.

Before today's twelfth game of the 2015 season, the fourth under Head Coach Jeff Fisher, the Rams' offense has flopped despite having their presumptive starting QB healthy all season buttressed by a "once in a generation" running back and enough draft picks to choke a small mammal. Heading into today, the Rams' offense ranked 31st in points and 31st in offensive yards.

That's what Fisher has taken four years to build.

With it came today. Today's performance against the Cardinals who gained 524 yards to the Rams' 212. Today's performance which saw the Rams convert just one of 12 third down opportunity, bringing their league worst rate even lower. Today's performance in which the Rams, billed as a run-first team, relied on that "once in a generation" running back on nine carries for 41 yards. One of those runs went for 34 yards, meaning the other 8 carries averaged less than a yard per.

This is nothing.

This is time moving slower than itself.

This is hope burnished by bullshit.

Yesterday is gone. Today is horrible. Tomorrow is everything and it's always, always, always too far away.