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St. Louis Rams vs. Arizona Cardinals: Inactives

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Injuries will effect this Games for both teams, the Rams even more so...

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Quinn missing this game will give Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians a cause for relief. Quinn has been a quarterback sacking machine against the Desert Birds in the past... Carson Palmer will be happy too, with his need to stand in the pocket as passing routes develop a key to the Cardinals' game plan...

On the offensive side of things for the Rams, the return of rookie Rob Havenstein at right tackle could improve Todd Gurley's game today. Last week, the Cincinnati defensive front pushed the St. Louis Rams' interior linemen around at will.

St. Louis Rams: Inactives

Arizona Cardinals: Inactives

It's going to be a "Blue n' Gold" Sunday for the St. Louis Rams. Here's to some old time mojo driving the Rams to a big NFC West win!