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Random Ramsdom 4 December: Common Sense and Hypocracy

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Pass Game Adversely Effecting Run Game | 101 ESPN

I don't need fancy stats to tell me that.....

StL, Kroenke Feeling Pressure | 101 ESPN

Kroenke's inevitable courtship of Spanos has begun. St Louis has funding issues. The race continues

Missing Playmakers Making Rams D Seem Pedestrian | AP

Where would this D be with Quinn and 'Tree at 100%?

Rams Revert to Foles | AP

The Case Keenum concussion case continues.

The Rams are Really Bad | ESPN

But not bad enough to get a QB. #SadFace

Stedman Making Progress | Sporting News

Walking this soon after surgery is a VERY good sign.

Stadium Rights $ to go to NFL | StL Today

Instead of funding the stadium. Because yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Rams Taking Patient Route with Mannion | ESPN

This bothers me.

Rams Keep Creeping Up the (Draft) Totem Pole | Football Outsiders

This makes me sad.

Goodell: Officiating 'Extraordinary' |

Sure thing. Whatever you say boss

Megatron on the Way out of Detroit? |

If so, count me as those who think the Rams should kick the tires.

Gurley Still Getting Love | PFF

Despite getting next to no help, he still ranks among the top 10 RBs in the NFL

RVB Podcast | SB Nation NFL

If you interested in listening to the former editor-in-chief of TST hit him up here.