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Rams vs. Cardinals: Five Rams Players to Watch

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams are looking to put a halt to a four-game losing skid against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals have the second best record in the NFC at 9-2. One of those losses came to this very Rams team back in Week 4. It was considered an upset then. Can St. Louis do it again?

Here are the players to watch versus the Arizona Cardinals:

Players to Watch

WR Kenny Britt

Tavon Austin may be the most dangerous receiver the Rams have, but he is a boom or bust type of player. Kenny Britt is the type of wide receiver the Rams need to step up to complete intermediate completions.

Britt – along with the entire receiver corps – has underwhelmed this season. He leads the Rams with 402 receiving yards, but has only had one 100-yard game (Week 3 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers). Britt also has only scored once.

With the lack of production from this group, it is surprising Kenny has not taken advantage of the opportunities he's given. He definitely has had his fair share of chances.

QB Nick Foles

Foles will get his second start in place of injured Case Keenum. Sadly, Nick is not coming off his most impressive outing of the season.

Nick threw three interceptions in Week 12. His accuracy was per usual this season – terrible.

For the Rams to have any hope in this game, Foles has to hit some of his open receivers. He cannot miss/throw away any opportunity; making his receivers catch the ball is a different story.

A semblance of a passing game can not only give the Rams anemic offense a boost, but it can open up lanes for the rushing attack.

RB Todd Gurley

Rookie Todd Gurley is the Rams most talented player on the offense, bar none. This makes it easy for opposing teams to game plan to stop Gurley.

Gurley's situation is not the best. His offensive line is depleted. His quarterback play is downright trash. The wide outs are as bad as the quarterbacks. If these parts around Todd can put forth a halfway decent game, Gurley could go off for the 125-plus yards he did about a month ago.

CB Janoris Jenkins

Janoris is still susceptible to stupid mistakes.

Against Carson Palmer and his bevvy of pass-catchers, Jenkins cannot commit these types of mental lapses. Larry Fitzgerald may be in his 12th season, but he is still capable of making you look silly. Don't forget about John Brown and Michael Floyd either.

LT Greg Robinson

Second-year tackle Greg Robinson is the most penalized offensive lineman in the league with 11 penalties through 11 games. Greg has had a penalty in three games in a row, the worst being versus the Chicago Bears in Week 10. Shit, it is so bad, Robinson has only had four penalty-free games this year (Week 2, 5, 6, and Week 9).

This is not even mentioning Robinson's futility. He cannot consistently win his match-ups. He consistently gets pushed back into the pocket, then you you what happens... quarterback smack! Greg says it is due to faulty technique.

Whether it is penalties or bad technique, lets hope Robinson can overcome one liability.