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2016 NFL Draft: Dec. 31 College Playoffs Live Open Thread

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Yes, New Year's Eve will beeee so awesome...oh man, finally that commercial can go away.

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College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl (4pm ET, ESPN)

Oklahoma (11-1, Big 12) v. Clemson (13-0, ACC)

There's so much talent tonight, it's kind of silly to list all the available prospects. Perhaps it's more relevant to take one from each I'd like for the Rams.

From OU, I'd guess plenty of people would point to WR Sterling Shepard. Personally, I'd much rather have some of those young offensive linemen, but rules are rules. I'm gonna go with a wild card: FS Ahmad Thomas. He's quietly had a strong year back there behind the corners who get more of the public love, especially CB Zack Sanchez.

For Clemson...well, I've been raving about QB DeShaun Watson since last season. We've got to wait until the 2017 NFL Draft to start getting serious about finding a way to get him to the Rams. Let's go with TE Jordan Leggett. He's had a nice breakout junior season.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic (8pm ET, ESPN)

Michigan State (12-1, Big Ten) v. Alabama (13-0, ACC)

QB Connor Cook is going to have his fans among Rams nation. I'd point to either OT Jack Conklin or C Jack Allen as better fits for the Rams as long as Jeff Fisher's the head coach though, though you could make a decent argument for WR Aaron Burbridge.

Bama, well, it's Bama. C Ryan Kelly might be the smartest pick. MLB Reggie Ragland might be the best pick. But since it's Fisherball, I'll say RB Derrick Henry's a solid 2nd round target for the Rams.