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Is It The Case Keenum-Rob Boras Show For the Rams in 2016? Not Even They Know...

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The St. Louis Rams are undefeated with Rob Boras as their offensive coordinator, and 3-1 with Case Keenum as their starting QB. Have those guys earned starting gigs for the 2016 season?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t look now, but the St. Louis Rams - winners of three straight - are on the cusp of finishing the season with an 8-8 record; something they’ve been unable to do since 2006.  Prior to their three-game win streak, the Rams were losers of five straight.  In those games, the Rams managed to score 54 points. It’s unlikely you’ll need a calculator to know that’s not going to be enough to win many football games. 

And it was at that point the Rams decided to make a change at offensive coordinator, firing Frank Cignetti, and promoting tight ends coach Rob Boras.  It’s paid dividends.

The Rams, as aforementioned, have an undefeated [3-0] record under Boras.  In his short, three-game stint as offensive coordinator the offense has managed to score 75 points [25 ppg]; a vast improvement over the sub-16 points per game the team was averaging through the first twelve games of 2015.

And now Boras & Co., looking to take some momentum into next year, have a very good chance of ending the Rams’ season with a non-losing record for the first time in nearly a decade.

If Boras’ offense takes care of business in San Francisco in Week 17, one has to wonder if he’s locked down the offensive coordinator position for 2016.  And as of right now, not even Boras is certain of it.  Here’s what he had to say on Wednesday in regards to whether or not he’s been given any indication that his current position will become a permanent one:

No, I’m a tight end coach that’s getting to call some plays right now. We’re just going about it as if that’s what it is. We can only control what we can control and right now, this is what Coach (Fisher) has asked us to do and we’re doing it and having fun doing it. Whatever happens, happens.

Another focal point of the Rams’ recent success has been improved play at quarterback.  Not that you’ll recognize world-beating numbers from starting QB Case Keenum, but one that sticks out most is his 3-1 record as a starter.

And that very well could’ve been a 4-0 record if not for a concussion sustained in the Ravens game; which was Keenum’s first start of the season. Jeff Fisher has taken note...

We were a play away in regulation from winning that game, then he suffered a concussion and he missed two and then came back. So, he’s technically 3-1 as a starter, very close to being 4-0 as a starter, so I’d say he’s done a really good job for us.

There’s nothing overly flashy about Keenum’s game, and he doesn’t mind the "game manager" moniker.  And if his current record is any indication of future results, maybe fans shouldn’t either.  But fans should probably temper expectations on a big numbers passing attack.  In his last three games as a starter, he’s thrown for 461 yards [154 ypg], but has done a great job protecting the football [3 TD vs. 1 INT], and has avoided taking big hits/sacks.  In last week’s game in Seattle, Keenum took zero sacks...something that had happened only twice prior for an opposing QB at Century Link Field in the past three seasons. And while it’s also a testament to sound play from the offensive line, Keenum’s mobility plays a large factor in his ability to keep plays alive. 

Keenum will be a [restricted] free agent at the end of the season, and he, like Boras, is uncertain of what his future holds with the team.  On Wednesday, Keenum spoke on whether or not he feels like he’s auditioning for the starting QB job with the Rams...or with any team:

Anytime the lights come on or any time we step on the field in between the white lines and the film is on. That film goes around to everybody. It's not just the TV copy, they see everything from a lot of different views. In the NFL, that's what your resume is. It's what you put on tape. So, I want to put everything on tape is the best I can. I want to keep getting better every time I show up.

The good news for Keenum is that other teams will be, and probably have been, taking note of his solid play at the conclusion of the season, and he’s right to be making the most of his time with the "lights on."  It’s evident, however, that Jeff Fisher thinks highly of Keenum, despite the love him or leave him relationship with the team.  And one would think the Rams would be wise to keep him around, even if their intentions aren't to make him the starter for the foreseeable future.  As a restricted free agent, and in the event other teams do show interest, the Rams would have the ability to match any offers.  

So the question, quite simply, is have either of these guys earned a starting job - at their current positions - for the 2016 season, or should the Rams be looking for better options at offensive coordinator and quarterback for next year?