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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Historic Win in the Emerald City

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A win in Seattle should take heat off the Rams' head coach...or will it?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher has accomplished something no coach could for the Saint Louis Rams since Mike Martz in 2004 – win a game at Century Link/Qwest Field in Seattle.

This team and their head coach must be determined to finish at 8-8 and at least not have a losing season, continuing the tradition of #Fisherball.

The Rams have been out of the playoff race since last week, when the Seahawks’ win over the Browns sealed their fate. I guess St. Louis decided to have some revenge. A win in Seattle drops their position in the playoffs and ensures they don’t play the NFC East champions, Washington. Seahawks wanted that match-up, as the NFC East has been a laughing stock this season and Seattle has had recent success against them.

The win in Seattle also gives the Rams a worse draft pick and with no playoff hopes, some will say winning is silly at this point. Winning at this stage might not be smart for draft position, until you mention teams like the Panthers, who carried a winning streak from 2014 into this season and were just handed their first loss in over a year. I’m sure Fisher and Co. are hoping for the same momentum from season to season.

The Rams already came out and guaranteed that Snead and Fisher are safe for the 2016 season – whether it’s due to consistency, recent winning, or simply making it easier to move the team to LA (this isn’t a moving-related thread, so do not fixate on this). In these posts, however, Turf Show Times isn’t asking the front office to vote, we ask the actual fans.

You know the drill, rank Jeff Fisher’s performance in 2015, with a slight emphasis on the victory versus Seattle. Scale is the same:

1 – Fire him

10 – Re-sign long term

One week left, let’s get a W in the Bay Area to finish without a losing record.