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St. Louis Rams QB Nick Foles To Start Against Cardinals, Keep Sean Mannion Sidelined

With Rams QB Case Keenum yet to pass concussion protocols, Nick Foles was named the starter yet again this week...but what about Sean Mannion?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher has confirmed that Nick Foles is the starting quarterback this week against the Arizona Cardinals:

This week will mark the second consecutive start for Foles after the Rams seemingly gave up on him to start Case Keenum. Foles had been "the guy" for the Rams, even having his contract extended before playing a snap for the team in a move that looks horrible in hindsight.

Earlier this season, Foles threw for three touchdowns against the Cardinals, the most he has thrown for in a single game this season. His play in that game, a 24-22 win, more than likely had an effect on which way the Rams were going to go with their starting quarterback.

Case Keenum started his only game this season when the Rams played the Baltimore Ravens in Week 11 in which he sustained the concussion that has sidelined him for two weeks. Fisher has stated that Keenum will be the starter once he returns.

For those who are wondering how the Rams feel about 2015 NFL Draft third-round pick Sean Mannion, the signs are still not trending upward. With the Rams' season basically over, there are people that wonder when will the Rams give the rookie a chance to show if he can do what many cannot do and lead the Rams' offense out of the basement.

It won't be Sunday.