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You Don't Have To Root For The Rams To Lose After Missing The Playoffs...But You Should Want Them To

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Heart: Go Rams! Win! Head: Please lose. Please lose.

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It's hard to root for your team to lose.

We invest time, emotion and money into the Rams and hoping, expecting and demanding wins for 11 months. We do it every year. So to turn around over the final stretch once they're out of of playoff contention isn't just hard. It's tripping up the wires.

So I understand the reluctance for some people to buy into tanking, especially for a team that has had few enough wins already in the last 12 years...


...'s the best thing that could happen.

No, logic doesn't often win out over emotion, examples of which poured out in the comments here and here. So I get that many Rams fans would rather see a win in Seattle like last week and are hoping for another this week in San Francisco.

It just won't help.

And it's simple logic. It's just draft positioning. You want earlier picks to get better players period. That the Rams, or any team, have done well with picks outside the top few is just the nature of the volatility of the draft year-to-year as well as the difficulty of scouting appropriate talent to fit your team. The logic that some want to offer as if it justifies winning that the Rams have done better with latter picks is silly. That's like pointing to a late-round gem and suggesting we should just give up all of our first-round picks.

Hey, we got E.J. Gaines in the fifth round. Let's trade all of our day 1 and 2 picks for day 3 picks!

Two years ago, the Rams lost their Week 17 game in Seattle to end the season. That loss left them with the 13th overall pick in the draft and not the 21st, the 13th overall pick they used on DT Aaron Donald.

Last year, the Rams finished on a three-game losing skid to end up 6-10. A win out of those three might well have seen Todd Gurley vying for the 2015 Offensive Rookie of the Year Award somewhere else this season.

Regardless, drafting is an inexact science. Correlations aren't direct. Uncertainity rules the day. But it's that very uncertainty that drives the value of earlier picks higher than the latter ones.

So don't you have to root for the Rams to lose on Sunday. But don't be too upset if they do. It's worth a whole hell of a lot more than winning is at this point.