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Random Ramsdom 12/29: Edging Towards .500

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A losing streak followed by a winning streak of equal value, that has the Rams inching towards their first .500 season in a long, long time.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week 17

--- Photos of the Week ---
Included, Gurley's great leap.

--- Fisher's Post-Game Speech ---
Listen as Fisher talks to his team following a great win.

--- Highlights: Hayes' Dominant Day ---
William Hayes enjoyed a great game against Wilson and company.

--- Tim Barnes, Fumble Recovery Extraordinaire ---
Barnes possibly had the most impactful game of his career.

--- Finding a Way to Finish Spurred Win ---
The Rams let up a late touchdown but ultimately prevailed.


--- Monday Wrap-Up: Finishing Strong ---
The Rams are closing the season strongly even if it followed their elimination.

--- Rams Blitz: Fostering Leadership ---
The Rams work within their community.

--- Defensive Player of the Year? ---
Donald? No? Yes? He's great.

--- Michael Bennett: Gurley is Average ---
This is funny, and I hope he keeps saying that every year.

--- Winning Streak Reminder of Lost Season ---
The Rams have had two notable consecutive streaks, winning and losing. That equates to .500

--- Redskins Headed to Second Playoff Trip Since Deal ---
The Rams won the deal, but the Redskins have the last laugh as of now.

--- 3 Things We Learned About Rams ---
We're still learning about the Rams.

--- Rams Defeat Seattle in Seattle ---
For the first time since 2004, the Rams bring home a big W from Seattle.

--- Too Little Too Late for Rams ---
A great late-season surge still doesn't place the team in the playoffs.

--- Hekker Acts Tough, Cowers ---
Hekker tried to get a little physical, but he couldn't take what he was willing to dish out.

Around the NFL

--- NFL Reviewing Manning Allegations ---
Manning may have used HGH in 2011, and the NFL is studying the case.

--- Jones, Outside Shot at Records ---
17 catches and 243 yards would give Julio the best season ever.

--- 11 Hot NFL Coordinators ---
Here are 11 men that may land bigger and better jobs by next season.