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With 23-17 Win, St. Louis Rams' First At Seattle Seahawks In A Decade, Come Mixed Perspectives

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With a statement win in late December, the St. Louis Rams have something substantial to lean on as the offseason approaches. But just how hollow is it?

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Now we get to the confused part of #Fisherball.

With yesterday's 23-17 win for the St. Louis Rams on the road over the Seattle Seahawks, the Rams picked up their biggest statement since...well maybe since the Rams did the Seahawks in at home in Week 1, though the win over the Cardinals in Arizona offers the only argument. Still, it was impressive...which is the problem. Nick Wagoner covered the major angles on the frustration well over at ESPN, but it's pretty simple:

Yesterday was a clear indication that the losses this season just shouldn't have happened in the first place. Period.


It was a concussion-laden affair, yesterday. S Mark Barron and DT Nick Fairley took one another out early on. DE Ethan Westbrooks had to be removed later on. CB Trumaine Johnson passed protocols during the game and was able to return. And DE Chris Long's arm injury sidelined him for the day as well.

Performance Issues

Shockingly...not really. I mean, sure you could gripe with QB Case Keenum's paltry 103 passing yards or RB Todd Gurley's underwhelming 85 rushing yards contributing to a lackluster 207 total yards with just 12 points from the offense.

But...that's how the Rams were designed. They were built to win ugly in those exact conditions.


NFC West Standings Post-Week 16

The Rams have sealed up the third spot in the division. So as it affects their 2016 schedule, it means the Rams will face the loser from Week 17's Philadelphia Eagles-New York Giants game in England next year as the home team; it also locks up a road trip to the winner of next weekend's Chicago Bears-Detroit Lions game.


Off to San Francisco to wrap this whole thing up with a nice pretty 8-8 bow. Or the apocalypse begins with a 7-9 record. Either way, it's just so very important.