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Seattle Seahawks DE Michael Bennett Is Butthurt

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams pulled an upset beating the Seattle Seahawks 23-17. This was a very physical and emotional game and at the end of it, one Seahawk decided to speak about how he really felt about the Rams.

Defensive end Michael Bennett was very talkative about the Rams after their lost. He was as upset as his brother Martellus Bennett was against the Rams earlier this season when he said this:

"I consider St. Louis 'Seattle's little brother,'" Bennett told CSN Chicago. "So it's a bunch of front-runners. No. 97 [Eugene Sims], he's a little (expletive). So overall, I was happy just to go out there and kick their ass."

So what did the other Bennett have to say about the Rams? Well, he covered a few topics.

On Todd Gurley

Bennett does not think that Gurley is anything special, even if he did finish the game with 19 touches for 85 yards and a touchdown. While he did not have the best game against a good Seattle defense, he was the spark the Rams needed to win. Also there is the fact that Gurley is a top five rusher in his rookie season. I wonder what running backs Bennett thinks are great?

On that bully Johnny Hekker

Okay, did Johnny Hekker sneak block Avril? You can make a case for that, however he was penalized on the play. Bennett just couldn't let it go. Okay, fine it was funny, do what you have to do Hekker.

How good are the Rams?

Bennett hates that he lost to the Rams and threw a low blow. He is right, the Rams do play the Seahawks and the other NFC West teams tough, but then when it comes to the other games they have not been able to pull it all together. Winning against the Seahawks in Seattle is tough for any team, for the Rams it was the first time in 10 years that the Rams won in Seattle.

Could this game that the Rams need to mentally leap over the hurdle of mediocrity? Ask us this time next year, until then, it probably doesn't make sense to consider the Rams the Seahawks little brothers anymore, huh?