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St. Louis Rams 23, Seattle Seahawks 17: Rams Break Ten-Game Losing Streak In Seattle

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2015 silver lining much?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I guess you could argue this was what the St. Louis Rams were built for.

When Jeff Fisher took over as head coach of the St. Louis Rams, he had to contend with an ascending Seattle Seahawks franchise. Their punishing, physical defense combined with their punishing, physical running game required a counterbalance.

I guess you could argue the Rams have become just that in 2015.

A win over the Seahawks in Week 1 opened the season while a road win in Week 16, the Rams' first win in Seattle since 2005, provide the kind of rationale the most desperate fans of Fisherball still crave.

They can point past Case Keenum's 103 passing yards to the score.

They can point past a pedestrian showing by rookie RB Todd Gurley for most of the game to the score.

They can point past Seattle's 10 penalties and the lack of a handful of key starters including RB Marshawn Lynch to the score.

They can't point past a 7-8 record, headed toward the fourth season for Jeff Fisher in St. Louis without a winning record.

It was supposed to be this. But it still needs to be more.