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St. Louis Rams 16, Seattle Seahawks 3: Stifling Defense Sets Up Nearly Flawless First Half

The Rams are playing some of their best football when it matters least.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is when Fisherball hurts most, when it promises.

It promises a defense that chokes off the run and forces errors from opposing QBs

It promises bursts of offense to complement the dominating defense to help things along.

It promises. And it promises. And it promises. And when it delivers, it's too late.

It reminds you that the Rams should be good enough. Jeff Fisher has had more quality draft picks to work with than any currently employed NFL head coach. He's been able to draft players to replace his own drafted players from previously failed efforts. Second round RB Isaiah Pead? Replaced by third round RB Tre Mason. Third round RB Tre Mason? Replaced by first round RB Todd Gurley. First round RB Todd Gurley? He's got a whopping four carries for 18 yards.

Fisherball is never enough because it promises the highest of peaks and shows you just enough to make you think it's actually real.

Thirty more minutes of the mirage await.