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St Louis Rams vs. Seattle Seahawks: 5 Seahawks to Watch

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks will be riding a 5 game winning streak when the Rams roll into town on Sunday. It will be tough sledding in Seattle if the Rams are going to continue their climb towards 8-8 and the elusive 'progress' that we are all searching for.

TE Jimmy Graham

Edit: (Whoops... my bad guys)

Graham has had a hard time finding his niche in the Seattle offense, but he's no less dangerous this year than in the past - particularly with his QB playing lights out. With T.J. McDonald and Alec Ogletree both out, Mark Barron is going to have his hands full keeping Graham in check.

QB Russell Wilson

As noted above, Wilson is playing like an MVP right now. With his running game diminished and OL play being piss-poor, he has carried his team like few in the NFL can. Toss in his mobility and he's a difficult QB to beat right now.

WR Doug Baldwin

Baldwin has been the biggest beneficiary of Wilson's recent play. He has 10 TDs in the past 4 weeks. Let that sink in for a moment. 10 TDs. 4 weeks. Good luck @Trujohnson2 and @JjenkzLockdown.

DT Michael Bennett

The Rams OL has it's hands full erryday with the combination of youth and injuries. Bennett could feast against a dilapidated unit.

OT Russell Okung

Okung is listed here for multiple reasons. Not only does he have the ability to play well against the Rams defensive front, but he is also a Unrestricted Free Agent after the season. There is speculation that he won't return to the Seahawks, so Sunday could be a tryout for him as well.

It's quite possible that the Rams could hedge their bets against Greg Robinson's development and Rodger Saffold's injuries by signing Okung to fortify the OL.