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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Aftermath From A Fun Thursday Night

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The Rams pulled off a win in primetime. How does it reflect on the coach's fan approval?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams upped the win column after a pretty convincing win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football.

It’s always fun to win games. It gave us all the slimmest hope for playoff football. If the Rams were to win out, finish 8-8 and the Seahawks lose out, the Rams would be in the playoffs... well, except the Seahawks were playing the Browns and laid a smackdown on both Cleveland and the Rams' playoff dreams.

Now, winning games basically just gives us worse draft position. It’s still fun to win those games, but potentially drops the team out of contention for a top WR, QB, OL or any other position of need. With the Rams playing Seattle and San Francisco in the final two games, that’s the catch-22. Winning gives bragging rights against divisional rivals, but drops the draft position.

Kellen Clemens Shaun Hill Austin Davis Nick Foles Case Keenum played very efficiently tossing a pair of touchdowns and Todd Gurley ran well enough to hold on to the win. A big return by Benny Cunningham provided the much needed cushion when the Bucs started to rally at the end. At times, it felt like the Rams were going to let that game slip away, but an onside kick recovery by Bryce Hager sealed the victory.

Everyone knows the drill by now: rate Jeff Fisher’s performance during the 2015 season, with a slight emphasis on the TNF win versus the Bucs. Scale is the same:

1 – Pink slip

10 – Gold jacket

Only a couple of these left, since we know the team will not be in the playoffs for the 12th season in a row.