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Random Ramsdom 12/22: Winning Out of a Big-Time WR

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I'm not a firm believer in "building momentum for next year." That means these wins down the stretch, with the team already eliminated, only serve to push the Rams farther and farther down the draft board; presumably out of reach for a top-flight WR.

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Week 15/16

--- Seahawks Opponent Outlook: Rams ---
The Seahawks have something to play for, but the Rams don't. Still, I'd like to see the Rams knock them off.

--- Seahawks vs. Rams Schedule, Odds, Spread, Etc ---
The Rams step into Seattle as underdogs.


--- What's Left for Rams Post-Elimination? ---
Pretty much what always is: the draft... in May.

--- Inglewood Corralling Permits ---
Inglewood has redesigned their blueprints to comply with FAA requests.

--- Stedman Bailey Jogs ---
Bailey has taken promising strides in recovery less than a month after his incident.

--- Rams Playing for Draft Spot ---
Ironically, they lose during the playoff race and win during the draft race. That's true losing.

--- Eagles Intend to Resign Bradford ---
Hmm, can't say Foles has worked out quite as well.

--- NFL Mock Draft ---
The Rams are sliding down the draft order--I miss when they were projected to get Treadwell..

--- Could Rams Win in LA? ---

--- Should the Rams Fire Fisher? ---
Yes. Will they? Most likely not.

--- No QB, No Hope ---
Without a competent quarterback, what is the hope for the offense?

--- Todd Gurley Season Highlights ---
A look back at the first season of many great ones to come.

--- Kurt Warner Turned Coach ---
Warner coaches his son's high school football team.

--- Lingering Effects of Relocation Talk ---
The relocation process has a tangible effect on the locker room.

--- Hekker, Donald Likely Pro-Bowlers ---
Hekker and Donald have been two bright spots on the Rams.

Around the NFL

--- Draft Order Entering Week 16 ---
The Rams have slid from around 10 to later.

--- Beckham Suspended A Game ---
After Beckham's ridiculous antics, he'll face a one-game suspension.

--- Woodson Announces Retirement ---
One of the NFL's great defensive players is hanging it up.

--- NFL Doesn't Want You to See 'Concussion' ---
The movie looks at a highly critical element of the NFL: concussions.

--- Antonio Brown Blazes Past Chris Harris, Sets Records ---
Brown has had a ridiculous season.

--- Which QBs Have Earned Contracts? ---
Cousins, among others, has performed very well and deserves a new contract.