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NFL Sunday Thread: Playoff Picture Should Sharpen Today

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James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the New York Jets put the Dallas Cowboys' hopes of slithering into the post season to a rest. Today, there's some interesting games on the schedule. Led by a possibly ugly game that could decide the woeful AFC South, Houston journeys to Indianapolis. It looks like the AFC South is going to send a .500 - or worse? - team to the post season... The game that's going to be interesting is the Carolina Panthers against the New York Giants. If Eli Manning can break out fast, this is the kind of game the Panthers could lose. The NFC East is still up for grabs, so look for Tom Coughlin's players to leave it all on the field today.

Another the game to watch will be the 4:30pm ET contest, featuring a visit by Denver to Pittsburgh. If Brock Osweiler struggles, we may get to see Peyton Manning coming off the bench to channel his inner-George Blanda?

Arizona at Philadelphia could be interesting? Sam Bradford knows the Cardinals well, and he could be a key for the Eagles' post season hopes today. Buffalo at Washington is going to be a shoot out, with Kirk Cousins putting the ball in the air in the 50+ attempts range?

Relish these final weeks of the season my friends, because there's some troubling times ahead for St. Louis Rams fans coming in the off season. Let's put all the future mess aside, and enjoy the game we love to watch!