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St. Louis Rams: Jeff Fisher Spoke After Practice On Wednesday. Didn't Want Ass Kissed

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher – Post Practice – 12/2/15

(On the reason the team practiced indoors today)
"The reason we came in is because I wanted to keep shorts on. So, yeah, I made it to December. What happened was we had every intention of going outside, but the wind just started picking up and we needed tempo and timing and things like that. That’s why we came inside. (CB) Janoris Jenkins, needless to say, was very, very excited about coming inside."

(On CB Janoris Jenkins not liking the cold weather)
"He does not like the cold, no."

(Opening remarks)
"We had a good day. Got some work, really good work. Well, just to address the quarterback situation here, Case (Keenum) is still in the protocol. He had good work Monday, yesterday. He was limited today. He feels good, but he’s still yet to be cleared. As you observed, Nick (Foles) got most of the reps today and we’ll just kind of see how things go tomorrow.

"(DE) Rob (Quinn) did not practice. He’s coming on. (K) Greg (Zuerlein) did not kick today. We’re just going to wait a couple more days. (K) Zach (Hocker) hit some really good balls inside, so he was the other one of those guys that was excited to come inside.

"(We’ve) got a great challenge this week. They’re playing really well in all three phases. (Cardinals QB) Carson’s (Palmer) having an MVP year. They’re down a couple of running backs, but they always find a way to get somebody involved in the running game. We’ve got a good plan in. The guys came back today and you could just tell they had a lot of fun."

(On Cardinals RB David Johnson stepping up in place of injured RB Chris Johnson)
"Oh yeah, he’s does a lot of things for them. It’s out of the back field, plays good without the ball, good inside runner. It’s unfortunate ‘C.J.’ went down. He was having a great year and I’m a big fan of his. They’ll have depth. They always have depth."

(On if he considers the Cardinals to be a rival)
"Well, I think we’ve got a rivalry going in the division with all three teams. I wouldn’t go as far as to say we don’t like them. We respect them and they play hard. We greeted him (Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians) when the game’s over. He’s got a lot of good players. They’re very, very talented and they’ve got Pro Bowl players on both sides of the ball. They play good special teams. We’ve had some really good match-ups. Unfortunately for them, we were one of the two games that they lost. I’m sure that there’s extra motivation there in addition to their playoff run and trying to secure a home field advantage and all those kinds of things. But, we’re going to play. We’re going to play hard."

(On if he considers Arizona more of a rival than San Francisco or Seattle)
"No, we don’t. I mean, early on before (Cardinals Head Coach) Bruce (Arians) got there, Seattle and San Francisco were the two teams to beat. Now, Seattle’s on their way back. The last two years, Arizona’s been the team to beat in the division. Unfortunately, they had the quarterback situation last year, but this year they’re healthy and good and playing as good a ball as anybody in the league right now."

(On why he thinks the Rams play well in their division)
"We built this team to compete in the division. There’s familiarity. I’m disappointed that we haven’t played good football outside the division, but we have good match-ups. We understand the match-ups. We understand the challenges."

(On if there is anything that he can take away from watching San Francisco contain Arizona’s offense)
"Yeah, we’ve looked at the game. The 49ers defense is very well-coached. They’re disciplined and they keep everything in front of them. They don’t give up a lot of big plays. They had an unfortunate set of circumstances at the end of the game with some penalties and an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on a third-and-19 and a defensive hold. It gave Arizona a chance to get the go-ahead touchdown. Then, they ended up with a sack and end up fourth-and-20 and got 18. So, that game ended. But, San Francisco is getting better. I thought they had a great game plan against them, but you watch Arizona play other teams. You watch them play because we’re familiar with not only with them, but we watched them play against Cincinnati here as we prepared for Cincinnati. That was a great game, great game by both quarterbacks."

(On if there is anything he can do to get QB Nick Foles going again)
"We’ve got a good game plan in right now. We’re going to continue to push through the week. Nick played well against them, as did (RB) Todd (Gurley). We need that again to have a chance to win this football game."

(On what he sees from Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald)
"Same thing that we’ve been seeing for years. He’s got 83 catches or something like that. He’s getting open on the deep ball. He’s getting open underneath. He’s keeping drives alive. He’s a big reason that they’re converting 46 percent of their third downs, which is pretty impressive in the National Football League. He’s blocking. They’re inserting him in the line and he’s blocking safeties and he’s just a tremendous competitor."

(On what makes WR Tavon Austin so effective on screen passes and if that is the best way to utilize him)
"No. I mean, there’s a lot of ways to get the ball to Tavon. We just have to do more so. I mean, we’ve handed the ball off to him, as you saw last week, it wasn’t a screen. In fact, two out of three plays on the scoring drive were handoffs, so just got to get ways of getting him the ball in space so he can go make his plays."

(On it looking like WR J.J. Nelson is becoming more involved in the Cardinals offense and what he sees from him)
"Yeah, he is. He’s productive. He can really run. He’s got really good vision and hands. He just creates another problem for you defensively."

Nick Foles – Post Practice – 12/2/15

(On wearing a glove on his non-throwing hand)
"It gives me more grip when I’m stepping up in the pocket. Defensive linemen and linebackers are so good at coming in and swatting at the ball, so it just gives you a little more grip in the pocket. Once you get to the cold weather games later in the year, it really helps out."

(On if he’s worn the glove for a while)
"For a couple of years. Probably since my second year in the NFL."

(On if his approach changes with the uncertainty of whether or not he’s starting)
"I just keep working. As tough as it is through these times where you just want to keep playing well, you’ve just got to keep looking at the film, keep preparing, keep working in the weight room. You’ve got to just keep trying to do everything a little bit better. Keep fine-tuning everything."

(On if it’s different when he knows he’s the starter)
"The one thing that’s different, I’d say, is you get the reps and you for sure know. There is a little difference, but you prepare every week like you are the starter. I know that’s a saying that a lot of us say, but you really try to do your best to prepare like you’re the starter. Got a lot of reps today and we’ll just see how the week goes. It’s one day at a time. Just trying to get as much work as we can get in today and then get some rest tonight and come back and do it again."

(On if it was too windy today to practice outside)
"No, I had nothing to do with it. I think you need to talk to (DE) William Hayes on that one. I think he was getting a little chilly. I don’t mind throwing in the cold. We’re going to be playing inside, so it was nice to throw in a dome area."

(On what beating Arizona earlier in the season does for his confidence)
"It’s later in the year. We’ve got to just keep going. We’re confident. We believe in ourselves. We just have to keep working. Arizona has played really well this year. They’re a talented team, so they’re going to be ready to go. They’re going to look at that film and try to do things better. It’s going to be a hard fought game."

(On the sense he got of the Rams and Cardinals rivalry in their Week 4 match-up)
"Anytime you’re in a conference and you’re playing one another twice a year, it’s going to be a rivalry. It was a great atmosphere to play in - loud, fun. I played college football in Arizona for the Arizona Wildcats, so it was fun to go back there and play. We need it to be loud this weekend. When it’s loud, it disrupts the other team’s quarterback and his play calls and snap counts."

(On if Arizona is predominantly man coverage)
"They’ll mix in some zones, but they like to play man. They believe in their secondary to cover the guys. They have a really good secondary, so they just say, ‘Hey, come and beat us.’"

(On if he likes seeing man coverage as a quarterback)
"I love it. It’s a competitive league. We have a lot of talented guys going at them. I believe in our receivers. I believe in our tight ends and running backs. It’s a great match-up when you get man-to-man coverage. It’s just one-on-one, go beat them."

(On how much pressure there is to hit a few passes early to get the running game going)
"I mean, it would help us out a lot. We need to connect on passes early, like you said, just so they’re aware of the pass game so that we can get (RB) Todd (Gurley) and the other running backs rolling and help the O-line out a little bit."

(On why they play better in the division compared to outside of it)
"No, I can’t put my finger on it. If I could, we’d try to get that fixed and get this thing rolling. I think it’s just the way it is some years, it gets difficult at times, but you just have to keep working. It’s like we talked about earlier, you keep coming in here, you’re competitive, you have to look at yourself very critically and you have to keep working on the fine details and keep working hard. Keep pushing it each and every day and don’t let a day off and eventually you’ll break through and get things rolling."

(On San Francisco being able to hit a few big plays against Arizona last week and if there’s anything to take away from the film)
"Yes, based on how they’re playing their coverages, maybe a guy we can run by - stuff like that. They also look at it too, so you know they’re making corrections. It’s just going into the week, having things in the back of your head. The big thing is based on our offensive sets, personnel, how they play their coverages."