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2015 St. Louis Rams: Looking At The Schedule After Week 12 Of The NFL Season

Every week, we will take a look at the results of the NFL week that was, and see how it may impact the rest of the Rams' 2015 schedule.

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Well that was even uglier than I expected, and if you remember I predicted a 27-6 Bengals victory in the TST Staff predictions piece.

It wasn't just the margin of defeat which made this game disappointing, it was the inability of the Rams to do anything right. Yes there was the explosive play by Tavon Austin and then subsequent TD run by Austin, but virtually every other aspect of the game was a bust.

Todd Gurley continues to get shut down by the combination of poor blocking and 8-9 man boxes. Nick Foles was "Bad Nick Foles", but honestly when was the last time we saw "Good Nick Foles"? The special teams unit got in on the act with several penalties, one which extended a Cincinnati drive. Of all the disappointment though the defense was most disappointing

The defenses inability to stop one of the NFL's best offenses on the road isn't what is disappointing, it was the fact that A.J. Green was left completely uncovered for a TD not once but TWICE! One of the best receivers in the league running free in the end zone? I have come to expect more from the 2015 version of the Rams defense, and it is because of my expectations that the defense is the most disappointing story from Week 12.

Let's take a look at the Rams' 2015 schedule:

NFL Week

Rams Opponent

Opponent Record


Seattle Seahawks



@ Washington



Pittsburgh Steelers



@ Arizona Cardinals



@ Green Bay Packers






Cleveland Browns



San Francisco 49ers



@ Minnesota Vikings



Chicago Bears



@ Baltimore Ravens



@ Cincinnati Bengals



Arizona Cardinals



Detroit Lions



Tampa Bay Buccaneers



@ Seattle Seahawks



@ San Francisco 49ers


The Rams are now 4-7 after having dropped their fourth straight game. I am not sure whether or not they are technically eliminated from the playoffs, because only a fool would believe they have a shot regardless of what the math says. This team is playing as poorly as I have seen them play in a long time, with nothing to point to as a reason to hope it will improve.

Let's take a closer look at the next two games.

The Rams will return home to host the division leading Cardinals, who currently sit as the NFC's number two playoff seed. With the Vikings hot on their heels, and a certain amount of revenge on their minds for the Week 4 loss, the red hot Cardinals will be motivated to extend their five game winning streak. The Cardinals did lose Chris Johnson last weekend against the 49ers, but this offense still has plenty of weapons and is powered by the All-Pro play of QB Carson Palmer. If the Rams defense is going to have a shot at springing the upset and remaining undefeated in the NFC West the pass rush will have to be dominant.

In Week 14 the Rams will play their second of three consecutive home games against the Lions. The Lions are currently on a three game winning streak, which was started with a surprising 18-16 upset over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Which if memory serves was the first time the Lions won at Green Bay since the Great Depression. If the Rams defense chooses to cover Calvin Johnson like they covered Green in Week 12 this game will be ugly. This game will have more impact on the top end of the draft than playoff positioning.

The Rams loss in Week 12 wasn't surprising, but considering where the fan base's hopes were following the team's Week 8 dismantling of the 49ers, the contrast between the two moods is stark. November was a cold cold month in Rams Nation, and there is little doubt we are in for a very long winter.

Thanks for reading and as always, Go Rams!!!