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St. Louis Rams: Looking Back at the First Tweet From Every Rams’ Player

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Here’s the first tweet from every St. Louis Rams’ player.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Twitter has become - for many - a part of every day life.  It’s a place where you can go to express your feelings, share pictures, see breaking news, amongst many other things.  It’s also a place you can go to see what your favorite NFL players are up to.

Some players are more active on Twitter.  Some tweet back.  Some follow back.  Some don’t bother signing up, or give up after a while because...well...internet tough guys make it less fun.

But there are many St. Louis Rams’ players who are on Twitter.  Some of them show up in style.  Some of them show up apparently having no idea what they’ve done, where they’re at, or what they should be doing.  Some sign up and then want to know their own password.

Here’s how every Rams’ player made their Twitter debut...

The Team

No need to click the 6+ year old’s not there.  I’m not even sure Wagoner remembers what was in it, though...

The Coach

Jeff Fisher climbed 14,115 feet, simply to yell "kiss my ass" at the summit.

The Quarterbacks

Garcia used the retweet button prior to posting his own tweet, RT-ing a 49ers’ fan account’s tweet regarding something that hadn’t been done by a San Fran QB in approximately nine years.

The Running Backs

Another dead end link  . Based on the response it got though [lmaoooo], it must have been a real duesenberg. 

Mason was clearly confused on what needed to be done here.  He tweeted an account that didn’t exist.  And then he did it again...

The Wide Receivers

Tavon, like Garcia, used the RT button prior to dropping anything original.  This time, it was his teammate and friend Stedman Bailey giving him the shout out.  Speaking of which...

The Offensive Lineman

The Tight Ends

Defensive Line

Quality stuff here from Ethan...

The Linebackers

Alec Ogletree also seemed to be in a state of disarray...

The Cornerbacks

Trumaine Johnson decided to say "hi" with his first tweet...

The Safeties

T.J. McDonald appreciated a lil help from fellow USC Trojan, now Dallas Cowboy, Brice Butler...

Special Teams

And last, but certainly not least, the best follow in Rams’ Nation drops the best debut tweet...

Ok, so some of that was pretty uneventful.  A lot of players acted like Ricky Bobby during an interview, not knowing what to do with his hands.  If for nothing else, this is a good list of players you can/should follow if you’re a Rams fan.

If you’re on Twitter and not following Chris Long, you’re missing out.  He’s amongst the best in all of football.