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Saturday Night Football Open Thread: Jets at Cowboys

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Thursday Night Football on Saturday

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I must admit, on the tail-end of a very busy week for yours truly, this came as a bit of surprise.  It’s Thursday Night Football....on Saturday night!

Who cares?  It’s football.

And I say that for those who aren’t out living la vida loca, or watching the new Star Wars movie. For some, that may be one in the same.

At any rate, this game - for both teams - has playoff implications.  The Jets [8-5] are playing for a wild card spot, as the Patriots [11-2] have that division locked down.  Unfortunately, that record [8-5] is tied with a pair of AFC playoff hopefuls.  If the Chiefs and Steelers win on Sunday - regardless of if the Jets win tonight - Kansas City and Pittsburgh head to the playoffs....and the Jets would watch from home.

On the other side, the Cowboys [4-9] could find themselves one game out of first place in an awful NFC East.  And it’s not even all that unlikely...

The Redskins host the Bills, so they should be able to win.  But the Eagles and Giants both host the NFC's best -- Panthers and Cardinals, respectively.  So yeah, the Cowboys - despite their record - aren’t mathematically eliminated.

And if you’re watching, there aren’t many more appetizing match-ups in football than Dez Bryant vs. Darrelle Revis.

Fantasy playoff implications for you in this one tonight?  Obviously, as aforementioned, Dez Bryant could be a risky play...but do you have to start him?  Who else ya got playing in this one?

If you’re not already eating it at the theatre, pop some popcorn and enjoy!