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St. Louis Rams Trounce Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23, Change Perspectives After Brutal November

The Rams have now strung together a two-win streak following their five-game skid. How do things shape up as they hit the West Coast for a two-game finale to the 2015 season?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was something. Between the #GoldenShower uniforms and the national broadcast and the veneer of relocation laying on top of the crowd at the Edward Jones Dome, last night's 31-23 win for the St. Louis Rams over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was certainly memorable. And that's before even mentioning Case Keenum's first let's get to that.


It looked like Michael Brockers might have dislocated his shoulder, but he was able to return to the game. Other than that for the Rams, things went pretty smoothly. The Bucs had the more significant injuries including S Chris Conte.

Performance Issues

Not last night. Not after racing out to a 21-3 halftime lead on the back of Case Keenum's 175 yards and two touchdowns.

Sure, you can say he and the Rams let up in the second half. They did. But that's what you get to do when you build up a huge lead early on. Win. Comfortably.

We did, though, get another example of the issue facing Todd Gurley and the Rams, ESPECIALLY as we begin to turn toward 2016. His 48 yards on 21 carries shows you (a) how to win when teams load up against him and (b) how he can contribute little to a Rams victory. It is, of course, the first win since he took over the starting gig that didn't require a command performance, but that's the entire point. The Rams had lived and died based on Todd Gurley. When teams began loading up against him and the rest of the offense had nothing to offer, we got a five-game losing streak to deal with. Last night, and full credit has to go to new Offensive Coordinator Rob Boras, the Rams had an escape hatch when Gurley and the running game came up short. And it worked. To perfection.

So what should the focus be to improve the Rams' woeful 2015 offense moving forward: get more pieces to get more from JTG or improve the components around the passing game to take some of the defensive focus off the run?


NFC West Standings Post-Week 15

Things are a bit off this week since the Rams got TNF and the rest of the division has yet to play, but it's just not going to look good with the way November bitchslapped us back to reality with #Fisherball. Sure, mathematics offers the dimmest Rams fans hope of the playoffs. Don't be that stupid. It's not happening.


As you might have heard one fillion times last night, it might have been the Rams' final game in St. Louis. They're heading out west to take on Seattle and then San Francisco to wrap up the 2015 season. With 2015 mostly a formality, those two games determine the Rams' draft position and schedule for 2016 as the Rams will get a home game* (* - in England) against the NFC East team in the same division position and and travel to the NFC North team in the same slot. Right now, that would mean the Rams will meet the Giants in London and head to Chicago to take on the Bears, but both of those opponents could change based on the next two weeks.