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Random Ramsdom 18 December: Rams Hit Primetime

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Keenum Looks to Build on 3rd Down Success | 101 ESPN

He may not hold the keys to the franchise, but he's improving the Rams abysmal 3rd down percentage - and elevating the offense.

Donald Ups his Game | AP

A year after winning the DROY, Donald is challenging players like J.J. Watt and Luke Kuechly for the DPOY award.

Rams won't Fire Fisher | ProFootballTalk


L.A. Close, Owners Not | LA

Oh, to be a billionaire

Emotions Running High in the 'Lou | ESPN

Happens when your NFL team doesn't prioritize winning and is about to bolt...

Rams not Mathematically Eliminated....Yet | Football Outsiders

A 0.1% chance to make the playoffs isn't inspiring. They're not in the running for a top pick either.....

Stedman Out of ICU | FOX Sports

And jogging! That's awesome news around the holidays for Bailey and his family.

Donald Looks to Makeup Missed Opportunity | FOX Sports

AD99 faced FSU and Famous Jameis in his freshman year and walked away disappointed.

(Re)exploring L.A. Possibilities | PFT

Could a Spanos-owned Rams team stay in StL? Seems unlikely but that's the type of unlikely scenarios you'll find here.

Don't Expect the NFL to Pony Up for StL | PFT

Yeah.... that was bound to happen.

Offensive Outburst Fitting | ESPN

The Rams put on a show in what could be their last home game in St. Louis

Keenum Up, Run D Down | ESPN

The D misses you 'Tree!

Give AD99 His Due | Forbes

This man is going to be expensive in a few years.....

Fisher's Mediocrity Wasting Loaded Roster | BleacherReport

What would happen if you gave Bill Belichick (sorry...I couldn't resist) all this talent?