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St. Louis Rams 31, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23: Early Offense Powers Rams To TNF Victory

Case Keenum's early fireworks were enough.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

And now, as per annual tradition, we have to ask ourselves:

Was that a condemnation of failures of seasons past or indicative of successes to come?

The Rams rode the explosion of the early successes of the passing game en route to a 21-3 dominating halftime lead. How, for those Rams fans who have leaned on the lack of QB performance to explain the 2015 Rams, was that even possible? What unearthed it? Was it newly promoted Offensive Coordinator Rob Boras? Was it the ineptitude of Tampa Bay's defense? Was it...well, those are the only explanations.

And what about Todd Gurley? With the Rams at 5-8 and nothing else to soak in, the media went big on the Rams rookie. A relatively pedestrian showing, what does that mean for the Rams going forward? Obviously, they can win without a marquee showing from him. Why couldn't they put these pieces together until now? Why was he so necessarily central to their gameplan instead of being a supplementary benefit?

It's late in the season. It's hard to come up with accurate answers that 14 weeks of NFL football have asked in a single game.

But with Rams Head Coach Fisher under a much hotter seat among the fan base than he seems to be among the front office, the question remains...

What stopped the Rams from doing this a month ago?