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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Losing Skid Snapped

The Rams finally got into the winning column after five weeks. How does this reflect on Jeff Fisher's approval rating?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

After losing five straight games, the St. Louis Rams have snapped that streak with a 21-14 win over the Detroit Lions.

The game probably went exactly how Jeff Fisher envisioned the entire 2015 season: solid defense (Aaron Donald!), with a defensive touchdown (TRUUU!) and a dominating run game (Gurley-man!). It’s unfortunate not every team the Rams play are the last place NFC North Lions – otherwise they’d be undefeated!

So with three games left in the season, the Rams are sitting at 5-8 in 3rd place in the NFC West. The team is still in the playoff hunt, if you can believe it...but it would take a miracle. With 8-8 the Rams could sneak in as a 6th seed, granted about 10 other teams lose every game left on the schedule.

It’s that time of the week. Rate Jeff Fisher’s performance so far in 2015 (with a slight emphasis on the previous game). The scale is the same:

1 – Fire A$AP Fish

10 – Sign to a 10-year extension

Take everything Jeff Fisher is responsible for into consideration: coaching, staff adjustments (since those are a thing now), playcalling, roster moves, on-field personnel, etc. This as we welcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the dome for Thursday Night Football in what is the epic condiment battle of 2015: Ketchup vs Mustard. Including sides like Tater Todd and Gurley the Minion.


(Thanks to @daniel_doelling and @gonegator66 for the awesome images.)