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Random Ramsdom 12/15: Rams Offense Bounces Back... For Now

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The offense sprung back to life under the new coordinator, but what guarantee do we have that this is to last?

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Week 14

--- Rams Report: Lions Recap ---
A recap of the Rams' first win since they had a winning record.

--- Five Takeaways: Rams vs Lions ---
Here are five things we've learned from last week.

--- Todd Gurley, NFL Network's No. 2 Run ---
Gurley's amazing stretch into the endzone takes number two for NFL Network.

--- Secondary Steps Up, Boras Makes Adjustments in Win ---
The new coordinator has seemingly rejuvenated the offense.

--- Johnson Shuts Down Johnson ---
Trumaine Johnson performs well in his contract year.

--- Boras Gets Game Ball ---
The offense performed better than it is, but will it continue to do so?


--- Inside the Press Room ---
Myles Simmons breaks down Fisher's press conference.

--- Jeff Fisher Press Conference ---
Fisher gives a press conference following the win.

--- Game Notes: Bucs @ Rams ---
In just two days, the Bucs take on the Rams, and the Rams hope for win number six.

--- NFL Now: Todd Gurley Should be Rookie of the Year ---
Gurley, despite missing games and having limited carries, will hit 1,000 yards.

--- Gurley Gets Rest in Estimated Injury Report ---
Todd Gurley needs a rest day.

--- Close Look at Greg Robinson's Development ---
Here's a look at Robinson, who must think has underachieved.

--- Jay Z Joins Rams in Locker Room ---
Jay Z joins the Rams after their win.

--- Gurley: Bright Spot for Bleak Rams ---
If nothing else, at least the Rams appear to have the best running back of this generation.

Around the NFL

--- William Gay, Taking Celebrating Too Far? ---
As a defensive player, scores are rare. He's just making up for lost time.

--- McCarron, First 'Bama QB to win NFL Start since '87? ---
Somehow, could AJ McCarron get the first 'Bama QB win since 1987?

The Vikings-Giants game will move to Sunday night football if the Giants win Monday.