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Hollow Perspectives After St. Louis Rams Defeat Detroit Lions, 21-14

The Rams picked up their fifth win of the season ending a five-game losing streak. Now what?

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Well on one hand, a win is a win. On the other, there's fair argument to be made that losing out serves the Rams' best long-term interests best.

I'm somewhat ambivalent. Draft stock hasn't been an issue for the Rams in the Jeff Fisher era. The Rams didn't need to lose out to get Aaron Donald or Just Todd Gurley. And it's not like the prospect of Tavon Austin or Greg Robinson as the Rams' top 10 picks is fair justification to defend tanking. It just hasn't been what's helped or hindered progress under Jeff Fisher.

So at this point, there's not a ton to matter at the macro level. It's more about the players justifying their employment with the Rams (or elsewhere moving forward) as individuals and having the professionalism to play every down as if it matters...even if it doesn't.


Thankfully, no. We've already shut down DE Robert Quinn and S T.J. McDonald for the season. I don't know that any of these last few games would offer CB Janoris Jenkins a chance to improve his re-signing/free agency stock, so I could see him sidelined for the rest of 2015 as well. Just get through this unharmed, please.

Performance Issues

Well, it is the Rams.

They sputtered into halftime with just 13 yards on seven rushing attempts from JTG and a pathetic 43 passing yards. And while the second half wasn't much better through the air, Todd Gurley is enough of an individual talent to pull off a performance like yesterday. It's a testament to (a) how good he really is and (b) how bad Fisherball makes everything else around him.


NFC West Standings Post-Week 14

Of note, Arizona are good, Seattle are good, and St. Louis and San Francisco are not.

The Rams are one of seven teams in the NFC with five or less wins along with the Giants (who play tonight on MNF and could escape this group), the Saints, the Bears, the Lions, the 49ers and the Cowboys. The latter three all have just four wins.


#GoldenShower is up next for the Rams as they take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football. Not sure the world is really ready for the 2015 Rams offense, but so be it. Of course, it is the final home game of the season, and there's something about it possibly being the last game in St. Louis with those jerseys and a possible performance to match that has me absolutely melancholy in the best way.

The Rams follow up TNF with a two-game road trip to Seattle and San Francisco before the offseason hits.