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St. Louis Rams 21, Detroit Lions 14: Todd Gurley Show Returns, but was Progress Made?

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The Rams finally stopped their losing streak, but did they really gain anything?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In a performance reminiscent of his early season dominance, Todd Gurley carried the Rams to an unexpected victory. The team did it's best to piss away Gurley's performance with a Case Keenum interception late in the 1st half and an onside kick recovery in the 4th.

Gurley and Tavon Austin carried all the weight on offense, and did enough to provide a CYA for the rest of the Rams inept offense. The Rams leaned heavily on the rookie in the 2nd half and he responded with a pair of TDs. Tavon did his part with a punt return TD, but that was nixed by a yellow hankie.

Trumaine Johnson was a beast. He earned a lot of dough by blanking Calvin Johnson...which could  be a very bad thing for the Rams. The rest of the secondary was meh. Multiple TDs to Golden Tate and the defense as a whole gave up 5.6 yards per rush on the ground.

The team did it's best to squander a late 2 touchdown lead, but in the end did just enough to hold on. While there were positives from the game, at the end of the day you have to ask yourself what was really gained today?

No significant player development was accomplished.
QB play didn't improve.
4-11 on 3rd down still isn't good enough.
They're in a worse position to draft a QB.
Trumaine Johnson saw his 2016 salary skyrocket.
Fisher is in a better position to keep his job.

I'll take a win over a 6-game losing streak any day of the week. But it's bittersweet given the circumstances.