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Decisions, Decisions

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It's pretty much unanimous at this point. Every Rams fan is pining for a quality Quarterback and Head Coach to lead this team out of the NFL cellar. But what would you do if you could only choose one?

That's the question that was posed to myself and another Rams fan after a few beers last night. Honestly, I was kind of surprised by the question. I was so set in my own line of thinking the I never even considered this a possibility. But I humored my devil's advocate and gave it some thought - albeit after downing a couple of really tasty growlers.

If Jeff Fisher and his staff are kept around for 2016 (which given his connection to Kroenke, isn't out of the question) he will undoubtedly want better play out of his Quarterbacks. With the Rams likely having a top 5 draft pick, the idea of him drafting a QB is appalling. It would undoubtedly buy him another few years to develop the youngster and we'd be left stagnant as a franchise.

If the coaching staff is cleared out, the terms of the discussion left me with the trio of Foles/Keenum/Mannion to fill the QB position. While there has been very little quality QB play in Fisherball, the QBs have some decent qualities. Foles has shown the ability to produce in the right situation, and Mannion has potential as well. I'm by no means saying that they will lead GSOT 2.0 (Or even 1.1) but could a new Offense-centric coach pull that potential out of them?

Just to be're gonna be stuck with Jeff Fisher and his current staff (to include Boras) and get a new QB, or you're going to get a new staff and give them the Rams trio of QBs.