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St. Louis Rams vs Detroit Lions: Five Rams To Watch

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The Rams need to find a way to win a game this season and the Detroit Lions could be the game where the Rams finally win. If the Rams want to win they need these five Rams to play well.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams will be playing the Detroit Lions this week as they attempt to stop their losing skid. The Detroit Lions have played pretty well in recent weeks,  so this game will not be a slam dunk win for a franchise that really needs a win.

If the Rams are going to win the his week they will need these five players to play well.

QB Case Keenum

Head coach Jeff Fisher announced that Keenum will be the starting quarterback for the Rams. The last time that Keenum was on the field, he finished the game with a concussion, and of course the Rams finished the game with a lost.

The Rams fired their offensive coordinator this week and will be starting Keenum, hopefully he will make it through the whole game this time. The Rams are hoping that Keenum will give the offense a spark that Nick Foles hasn't provided. However with the offense around him, it's hard to imagine anything changing.

Mark Barron

The Rams outside linebacker has been having a good season so far. With Alec Ogletree out of the way, Barron has proved that he isn't a bust, he was just miscasted at safety. The young linebacker is trying to play well during the final year of his contract, 86 tackles and two forced fumbles so far.

Barron will have his handful this week, Theo Reddick and Eric Ebron will probably be his responsibility, especially after T.J McDonald now out for the season.

DT Aaron Donald

Donald is the best interior pass rusher in the NFL and you can also, make a debate as to whether he is the best defensive tackle of the league. Donald is putting up great numbers as an defensive tackle, 54 tackles and eight sacks.

Donald will be playing without Robert Quinn helping him on the defensive line, however he has been doing well without Quinn. If the Rams are going to beat the Lions they will need Donald to play well and get into the face of Matthew Stafford.

CB Trumaine Johnson

Johnson has been having a good season for the Rams. Even though he has missed a couple of games he will be returning this week against the Lions. So far this season Johnson has four interceptions and 11 pass deflections.

This week, Johnson will face one of his toughest test of the season playing against Golden Tate and Calvin Johnson. Johnson will attempt to grab his fifth interception of the season.

WR Kenny Britt

Britt has been the best pure receiver on the Rams roster this season. Unfortunately for the Rams Britt has his disappearing act. If the Rams are going to win they will need Britt to make a couple of big plays for the team.

Yes, it will be a long shot for the Rams to have a receiver to play well, however the team could get lucky and Britt catches a long bomb.