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St. Louis Rams Vs. Detroit Lions: NFL Week 14 Broadcast Map

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As the Rams' season withers, so does their broadcast exposure.

Week 14 broadcast map

The St. Louis Rams will take on the Detroit Lions on Sunday in the early FOX broadcast group per the map above via 506Sports (full hi-res photo here).

Here's the full early FOX group (gray denotes no early broadcast game on FOX):

Teal - Lions at Rams

Red - Falcons at Panthers

Blue - Washington at Bears

Green - Seahawks at Ravens

Yellow - Saints at Buccaneers

Orange - 49ers at Browns

The Rams swath most of Missouri with chunks of Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas while the Lions grab nearly all of Michigan with pieces of Ohio and Wisconsin.

As both teams are 4-8 and washed out of any real interest for 2015 outside of their local fans, neither is going to command much interest on the broadcast market. With Thursday Night Football pushing the Rams into national coverage, this is the last home game for the Rams amid the early bracket.