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Random Ramsdom 10 December: Defensive Stalwarts to IR

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Quinn and TJ Mac were put on IR. Tough blow for an already reeling team.

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

New OC, but is Improvement Likely | 101 ESPN

Bernie hits on the obvious things for Boras to hit in the final 4 games.

TJ, Quinn to IR | AP

T.J. McDonald (shoulder) and Robert Quinn (back) will both have surgery and were placed on IR. This is bad juju.

Could Cary Williams Fill in for JJ? | BleacherReport

Janoris Jenkins could miss the Detroit game after being leveled multiple times (by teammates) last week. Could a former Seahawk fill in?

"There's not going to be a whole lot that's going to change...We're too far entrenched with our system"

So..... you suck so bad that you can't escape the suck?

Jenkins, Kendricks in Concussion Protocol | ESPN

Make that 3 defensive starters currently injured.

Rams may be Favorites, but No One is Picking Them | Bleacher Report

No surprise here.

Rams Offense Actually Getting Worse | ESPN

Is this even possible?

Amidst 5-Game Skid, Uncertainty Looms | ESPN

Everything from Personnel to their Home City is up for grabs this offseason.

Rams Would Pick 7th if Season Ended Today | ESPN

Is that bad enough to land a QB? They still have a 5.4% chance at a Top-3 Pick

UDFAs ALMOST Make up for Draft Misses | ESPN

While they struggle in the draft, Snisher has made some strides with UDFAs

Rams Highlight Worst of Week 13 | PFF

Nick Foles and everybody's favorite TE appear in the 'worst of' for week 13. Yet, the Aaron Donald show continues.