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Random Ramsdom 12/1: Rams Seven, Opponent A Lot More

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This seems like an all-too-common final score. What can we say? The defense can't defend for sixty minutes, and the offense can't do a thing. Fisher is failing.

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Week Twelve

--- Rams-Bengals Recap ---
A recap of the Rams' fourth consecutive loss.

--- Five Takeaways Rams at Bengals ---
The Rams offense is brutal, but we already knew that.

--- Rams: Three Up, Three Down ---
Regardless, the whole team has to be down.

--- Bengals Bettered Rams in Red-Zone ---
The Rams came up short in the red zone and pretty much everywhere else too.


--- Inside the Press Room w/Myles Simmons ---
Simmons breaks down the Fisher's press conference.

--- Monday Wrap Up: Keenum, Quinn, Havenstein Closer to Return ---
Three Rams are closer to coming back. Click for details.

--- Jeff Fisher Press Conference 11/30 ---
Fisher speaks about the state of the offense.

--- Rams Offense Goes Bad to Worse to Awful ---
Currently, the offense is the topic of all things Rams. It's sad.

--- Stedman Bailey Recovering from Gunshot Wounds ---
Bailey is reportedly recovering well and has undergone surgery.

--- Rams Plan to go Back to Keenum When He's Cleared ---
Once capable, Keenum will slide back into the lineup.

--- Rams Avoid Punishment for Keenum Situation ---
It's difficult to punish them when the spotter didn't do his job either.

--- After 4 Years of Fisher Regression, It's Time for a Change ---
Nick Wagoner calls for a change at the helm.

Around the NFL

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Here are other notorious off-the-field quarterback antics.

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Was the Patriots loss bad for the NFL?

--- Week 12 Overreactions: Patriots Lose Throne of AFC? ---
With Sunday's loss, are the Patriots no longer the team to beat?

--- Mike Mularkey: NFL Admits Blown Call ---
Mularkey says the NFL has admitted poor officiating, and referees have become a trending topic.