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St. Louis Rams At Minnesota Vikings: Snap Counts, Playing Time And Personnel Analysis

With a host of injuries, the Rams had to play with the personnel groupings on Sunday. Here's who got the playing time.

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports


Garrett Reynolds G 74 100.00%
Jamon Brown G 74 100.00%
Andrew Donnal T 74 100.00%
Tim Barnes C 74 100.00%
Nick Foles QB 74 100.00%
Greg Robinson T 74 100.00%
Todd Gurley RB 58 78.38%
Tavon Austin WR 54 72.97%
Lance Kendricks TE 54 72.97%
Jared Cook TE 54 72.97%
Kenny Britt WR 41 55.41%
Brian Quick WR 35 47.30%
Cory Harkey TE 33 44.59%
Stedman Bailey WR 25 33.78%
Benny Cunningham RB 9 12.16%
Tre Mason RB 6 8.11%
Bradley Marquez WR 1 1.35%

That's a season-high playing time percentage for Just Todd Gurley. Granted, yesterday was a battle, but the Rams are struggling to spell him. Worth noting he signaled to get a break late in the game ahead of the two-minute warning on the drive that set up the missed GZ field goal attempt. JTG's a beast, but he's still human.

Andrew Donnal played every snap...though he left something to be desired as one of PFF's two worst-graded guards yesterday.

And for playing nearly half of the snaps, Brian Quick sure didn't get involved much...Marquez got one snap and picked up his second reception of the season. In fact over the entire season, Marquez has two catches on two targets in five snaps. Quick has three catches on eight 122 snaps.


Rodney McLeod FS 72 100.00%
Janoris Jenkins CB 72 100.00%
Mark Barron SS 72 100.00%
Maurice Alexander SS 72 100.00%
Trumaine Johnson CB 72 100.00%
James Laurinaitis LB 72 100.00%
Aaron Donald DT 63 87.50%
William Hayes DE 53 73.61%
Akeem Ayers LB 51 70.83%
Eugene Sims DE 46 63.89%
Michael Brockers DT 45 62.50%
Nick Fairley DT 31 43.06%
Lamarcus Joyner CB 26 36.11%
Matt Longacre DE 26 36.11%
Ethan Westbrooks DT 19 26.39%

Big Mo Alexander hit full marks yesterday in replacing T.J. McDonald. And with Matt Longacre bumped up with Chris Long and Robert Quinn out, the D-line rotation was pretty heavy.

And Lamarcus Joyner's contribution levels dropped pretty heavily as Akeem Ayers' jumped. Clearly, the Rams were intent on keeping Adrian Peterson as limited as possible and not too concerned about the Vikings' passing attack.

Special Teams

Cody Davis FS 30 83.33%
Daren Bates LB 30 83.33%
Cameron Lynch LB 26 72.22%
Bryce Hager LB 26 72.22%
Cory Harkey TE 25 69.44%
Benny Cunningham RB 22 61.11%
Bradley Marquez WR 22 61.11%
Christian Bryant S 20 55.56%
Stedman Bailey WR 17 47.22%
Marcus Roberson CB 16 44.44%
Johnny Hekker P 14 38.89%
Jake McQuaide LS 14 38.89%
Greg Zuerlein K 10 27.78%
Demetrius Rhaney C 10 27.78%
Darrell Williams T 10 27.78%
Tavon Austin WR 8 22.22%
Rodney McLeod FS 8 22.22%
Janoris Jenkins CB 8 22.22%
Justice Cunningham TE 6 16.67%
Jamon Brown G 5 13.89%
Andrew Donnal T 5 13.89%
Lance Kendricks TE 5 13.89%
Mark Barron SS 5 13.89%
Maurice Alexander SS 5 13.89%
Cody Wichmann G 5 13.89%
Garrett Reynolds G 5 13.89%
Trumaine Johnson CB 4 11.11%
Eugene Sims DE 4 11.11%
Lamarcus Joyner CB 4 11.11%
Ethan Westbrooks DT 4 11.11%
Aaron Donald DT 3 8.33%
Akeem Ayers LB 3 8.33%
Michael Brockers DT 3 8.33%
Nick Fairley DT 2 5.56%

It's getting fair to wonder if Chase Reynolds' injuries are threatening his 2016 roster spot only because we see the team competing without him in the three games that he's missed. He's only 28, and his injuries aren't career threatening. I just wonder if you look at the roster in the three games he's been gone, what's more valuable? A positional rotation guy or another special teams ace to go with Cody Davis, Daren Bates, Cameron Lynch and Bryce Hager?

Christian Bryant with the silent ninja ST contributions. In and out. Not a shred of evidence.