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Man Crush Monday: Accountability

The Jeff Fisher offense failed the Rams yesterday as Todd Gurley couldn't do enough to bail his coach out. Who's to blame?

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Normally MCM is a positive piece, but Jenkins' tweets from last night really irked me. You lose a winnable game in OT - and you want to toot your own horn? We all know you're playing for a new contract Janoris, but this is a TEAM sport, no?

So screw silver linings for today. Grab your torches and pitchforks TSTers - let's vent that frustration!


Jeff Fisher's plan for this season is crystal clear at this point: Ride Todd Gurley / Tavon Austin and an outstanding defense as far as they will take him - and hope the Passing Offense can do just enough not to lose games.

In the 2 weeks immediately following the bye - that plan worked. Nick Foles and the OL did enough to let Todd Gurley carry the Rams to victory against NFL cellar dwellers. But when the Rams met a team that could match them in every aspect of the game, the wheels fell off the hype train in a hurry.

The loss doesn't bother me as the false sense of hope we all seem to have regarding this team. They have continually let us down at every key juncture they've faced. They had a chance to rid themselves - once and for all - of the proverbial monkey on their back. But the offense choked that opportunity away

Let's be honest with ourselves - the passing offense is the only thing holding this team back. If Nick Foles and Co. could do enough to keep Defense's honest - this team would be scary. But who's most at fault?

Les Snisher

While Les Snead and Jeff Fisher have done a remarkable job with defensive picks and have found some gems elsewhere, they have largely failed along the offense - in particular on the OL. They waited until the last possible minute to address the OL via the 2015 NFL Draft and passed up a lot of value in Free Agency in the process.

They can't make receivers catch the ball or make lineman block more effectively, but they could avoid giving out horrendous contracts. They have to bear some - if not most of the blame - for the condition of the offense.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd the Rams just dropped another pass. They are tied for the NFL lead in drop %. And inexplicably they keep sending the same receivers out to try to catch those passes. At this point I don't care if it's Brian Quick, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens, or a street free agent. Get someone out there that can catch AND THROW IT TO THEM.

Offensive Line

When he has time, Nick Foles can be a great QB, but he has been turrible under pressure this season. Yes, they are a little banged up right now, but their play yesterday was BAD. Gurley and Austin made the most with what they are given, but Foles missed a few passes to wide open receivers because of pressure.

If this team isn't careful, they're going to turn Foles into another David Carr / Sam Bradford.