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St. Louis Rams At Minnesota Vikings: Live Open Thread

It's the 4-3 Rams at the 5-2 Vikings. This matters.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The 4-3 St. Louis Rams are in Minneapolis to take on the 5-2 Minnesota Vikings in what amounts to a huge statement game for both teams involved.

Both are looking to add some weight to their early season records and establish themselves as power brokers in their division and across the NFC.

Both are dealing with some significant injuries to members of their starting 22.

Both are looking for a way to support their star running back and quality defense with an underperforming passing defense.

Both teams are holding questions on their backs. There are no easy answers today.

In the end, one of these two teams will have vaulted themselves into the early playoff picture with sincerity and helping to put to bed the failures of recent seasons past. The other will see those failures resurrected and familiar worries accompanying the questions they bring into the game with apparent answers they'd rather avoid.

This is the NFL in November.

This matters.