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St. Louis Rams Vs Minnesota Vikings: Vikings To Watch

The St. Louis Rams will attempt to defeat the Minnesota Vikings, however if they want to win on Sunday then they will have to worry about these five Vikings.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The 4-3 Rams will be heading to Minnesota to play against the 5-3 Vikings. A win for either team will be a big step for both teams as we head into the second half of the season, as both teams are contending for the post season.

The five Rams to watch has already been posted, so it is time to look on the other side of the coin and focus on five Vikings that the Rams will have to worry about.

Adrian Peterson

What can be said about this veteran star running back that has not been said before? After missing all of 2014 (besides the Rams game that he dominated in of course) Peterson has looked like a running back on a mission this season, not slowing down with age and is still looking like an impact player.

So far this season Peterson has run for 633 yards on 140 carries. The Rams run defense has been solid, but they will have to continue to be up to the test against Peterson. Peterson is the key to the Vikings offense, the Rams will have to contain the running back if they are going to win this Sunday.

Teddy Bridgewater

The Vikings have a young quarterback in Bridgewater that has not exactly lighten the league on fire yet. Bridgewater has thrown for six touchdowns and 1,526 passing yards. The truth of the matter is that Bridgewater has been a solid game manager for the Vikings and it is doubtful that will change on Sunday.

Although Bridgewater is a game manger he does bring a speed element to his game, he will buy time for one of his players to find a hole in the defense. Honestly, it is tough to think that Bridgewater will suddenly have a great game against a really good defense, however if he can manage the game well, the Vikings can find a way to win like the Chicago Bears did last Sunday.

Anthony Barr

With Eric Kendricks ruled out for the Vikings this Sunday, Barr is the one linebacker that the Rams should be worried about. Granted, Barr is questionable to play on Sunday, but if he does play, he can prove to be a troubling pass rusher for the Rams offensive tackles to handle.

If Barr does not play for the Vikings, that takes away two starting linebackers and the Rams can run and pass block easier in theory with both players out.

Harrison Smith

Smith has been one of the best safeties in the NFL and he remains a player that the Rams offense will have to worry about. Smith is a complete play-maker in the secondary, he is a great tackler and can make plays in the passing game.

Smith will have his handful with the Rams, of course he will be the last line of defense at times against Todd Gurley and since Tavon Austin is having his breakout season Smith will have to worry about the Rams best receiving threat.

Stefon Diggs

Going into the season the thought was that the Vikings had Charles Johnson and Mike Wallace and that the Vikings would be just fine at receiver, that was not the reality for the Vikings. Luckily for the Vikings they drafted Diggs in the fifth round of the NFL Draft this season and he has become the number one receiver for the team.

On the season so far Diggs has 419 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Diggs has everything that you would want in a starting receiver, he has speed, good hands, and creates yards after the catch, he is a quarterbacks dream. Now is he a number one receiver? Probably not, but he does look like a damn good player.