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VIDEO - St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher On SportsCenter: "We Got A Bunch Of Wins Ahead Of Us"

The Rams' man in charge took the mic with SportsCenters' Scott Van Pelt last night.

St. Louis Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher joined new (or relatively still new, whatever) SportsCenter host Scott Van Pelt last night for a very SVP interview that skewed away from the traditional topics and national narratives for something more worthwhile and yet substantive. It's what SVP and what he does well, which is why he got the late night SportsCenter gig.

The two covered some different topics:

  • Jeff Fisher's mustache (of course)
  • On how the Rams' players address his past as an NFL player
  • On having Herschel Walker at practice this week
  • Just Todd Gurley and workload
  • JTG and humility, playing Adrian Peterson
  • Fisher's feel for the 2015 Rams and what they can accomplish
  • And a slight nod to Los Angeles in how the fans are responding to the moment with the stadium issues lurking in the back

Pretty good quick hitter all things considered. And if you had forgotten, it's a good reminder of how comfortable Jeff Fisher is as an NFL Head Coach both in general but also dealing with media. He's not Steve Spagnuolo.