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St. Louis Rams: Half Way Point In 5 Game Stretch...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It started just a couple weeks ago... I'm talking about my thoughts on the five game stretch for the Rams immediately after their bye-week, and the importance of just how well the Jeff Fisher lead Rams played couldn't be understated. St. Louis fans have girded themselves for just how this team would respond to a medium strength schedule. The rise of running back Todd Gurley has lent the Rams NFL wide notice, with the team rising to the highest point in assorted "Power Ranking" since Jeff Fisher arrived in St. Louis in 2012.

Without even a shred of doubt in my mind, this team has made great strides so far. There haven't been any games by the Rams anyone could call "flawless", the team has held itself to a higher standard than previously viewed by its ocean of fans.

This coming contest against the Minnesota Vikings could very well mark a launching point toward the NFL post season, or a cliff's edge. Minnesota is very similar to the team they're about to face this weekend. Adrian Peterson, a well know ground-pounding-Rams-killer, has his oft compared to mirror counterpart across the field in Todd Gurley. Both teams have marginal passing games, and feature aggressive defenses. Quarterback juries are still out on both the Viking's Teddy Bridgewater, and the Rams Nick Foles.

So which team has the edge? Believe it or not, it could come down to home field advantage. Playing outdoors in the Minnesota fall could prove interesting for the hard traveling - and YOUNG - St. Louis Rams. The weather shouldn't be Bud Grant-Alan Page arctic chilling, but the road hasn't been the Rams' strong point by any degree.

Fans of both teams are in for a "run-fest". The team which is forced to go to the pass first is going to be on the outside looking in at game's end. Defense is key, and the Rams are riding a wave of solid play with their front seven. The St. Louis secondary is getting those "talented" whispers throughout NFL media. But the same thing can be said for the Vikings, and here in lies the proverbial rub...

Whatever happens this Sunday for Jeff Fisher's Rams in the win/loss column, one thing is abundantly clear, right? This team has the opportunity to sling itself toward the post season, or slink back into the mish-mash of wondering just who they are, and what they're capable of being in the NFL...