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Transcripts: Jeff Fisher, Frank Cignetti, and Nick Foles Talk Preparation for Vikings

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Fisher – Post Practice – 11/4/15

(On how much weather plays a factor in this weekend’s game)
"You take it into consideration early in the week. It looks like it’s mid to high 50s. No precipitation. Actually, we’re probably dodging a bullet going up there this time of the year, but it looks good. I think wind would be the only consideration."

(On RB Trey Watts being suspended indefinitely by the league)
"It’s really unfortunate for Trey. We have a program and the players have to comply with the program. Trey had an issue and it cost him the first four games of the regular season. Then, when Trey came back, Trey was good. The setback was something that took place before he was suspended. So, it ends up being another positive and so yeah, the league requires him to sit. So, unfortunately, we’ll lose him for the remainder of the season. But, emotionally, psychologically and physically, he’s doing good. He’s on the road to recovery, if you will. So, we’re pulling for him, but we will be without his services for the remainder of the season."

(On if that’s a quirk in the system in terms of timing)
"No. It’s just how it works. Guys have to be mindful and cognizant with what they do with their systems in both programs. There’s no loopholes there, and the league’s not messing around with it. We don’t like the decision, but we have to respect it because it’s uniform across the league."

(On what the suspension means for Watts future)
"We won’t deal with that until next offseason."

(On if he’s made a decision for Watt’s replacement on the roster)
"I have not. We’re going to keep that open."

(On his relationship with Vikings Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner)
"Coach Turner and I walked on the USC campus together. I walked on as a freshman, and he walked on as an assistant coach. So, I’ve known him for that long. He actually coached me early in my career. Then, when I moved over to secondary, he coached the defensive backs our senior year there. So, then we kind of went on. Then, crossed paths in 1991 with the Rams for a couple weeks. He was a receiver coach, and then he went on to Dallas as the offensive coordinator. So, we’ve been basically facing him or facing each other or coaching against him really since ‘91. By the way, he didn’t know what he was talking about in our senior year at SC, because the other three guys are all first round picks. So, Norv never had to say anything. He just let us play."

(On if the coaching job at SC was an easy job for Turner)
"It was an easy deal, yeah."

(On if Turner was an offensive coach first)
"Yeah, he was receiver then moved to DBs for a year. Then, stayed there for a few years and moved on to USC with Coach Robinson."

(On if he’s heard back from the league about the concrete issues at the Edward Jones Dome)
"Not to my knowledge, no. I’ve been preoccupied with the Vikings right now."

(On how big it is to have TE Jared Cook being effective on offense and was he worried about his confidence)
"No, Jared’s fine. Jared knows the game’s competitive and it’s tough. Occasionally, there’s going to be a mistake. He doesn’t make them on purpose, but he’s always been one to come back. He bounces back. Whenever he’s had an issue, then he’s always seemed to bounce back with a big play."

(On T Rob Havenstein’s status)
"We’ve got him immobilized right now. He’s doing much better. So, we’re hoping to get him back on the field on Friday. So, we’ll see."

Frank Cignetti – Post Practice – 11/4/15

(On his impression of the Vikings defense)
"Well-coached, starting from the top with (Head) Coach (Mike) Zimmer. The front’s excellent, a 4-3 defense. The linebackers are very active, very athletic. Secondary plays well on the back end."

(On the adjustment of going back to face a 4-3 defense)
"It’s like going against our own defense. It’s a 4-3. We’re used to it. We’re accustomed to it. We’ll have great preparation, great meetings. Like you saw out here today, excellent practice."

(On if he can get more production out of WR Tavon Austin)
"Well, you’re always looking to put all of your players in the best position possible to be successful. Tavon, like we’ve said from day one, is a special athlete. He’s a guy that if you can create some space, get the ball in his hands, he can makes things happen."

(On how having Austin as a threat helps the running game)
"Oh, it obviously helps; the deception. Misdirection and deception obviously helps the run game."

(On T Darrell Williams stepping in during the game last weekend and how he’s doing)
"Excellent. Really from day one, he’s done a really nice job here."

(On if he’s seeing incremental improvements from the offensive line)
"Absolutely. You can see it every day. You see it every week. You just see the progress being made up front."

(On how he plans to resolve the third down conversion issues)
"Well, offensive football is about execution. It takes everybody. We have to do better on first and second down. Then, when third down comes, we need to do a better job executing. Hey, we’re preparing for it. We’re working hard at it."

(On what ways he thinks RB Todd Gurley can get better)
"It all starts with run reads. Fundamentals, run reads, making decisive decisions, eliminating the negative runs that are there. So, coming out here every day, preparing and just bring his fundamentals and details onto the field."

(On how the offense can get off to a faster start)
"Well, that’s something we’ve talked about this week because you’d like to start fast. So, you look at the scheme. You look at the personnel. It’s something we’re evaluating every day."

(On if he plans on trying to get WR Brian Quick more involved)
"We try to get everyone involved. The thing about the passing game is you’re not sure who the defense will take away. So, a lot of times Brian or other guys are the primary receivers and the defense takes it away. So, the ball goes to the secondary or the check downs."

(On what Williams showed at training camp that helped him earn a roster spot)
"The first thing is you can see that he had the physical traits, the mental agility. Great job preparation. He’s athletic. Every day, you could see that he was getting better."

Nick Foles – Post Practice – 11/4/15

(On if it’s nice to see a 4-3 defense like he does every day in practice)
"Yeah, every week you put so much in the game plan that by game day you get a good feel for the team. But yeah, they’re a 4-3 team and it’s a great defense. Just watching them on film, I think they do a great job. They play really aggressive. Their front seven is really solid. Very impressed with how they rally to the ball and how the disguise in the secondary. It’ll be a great battle for us."

(On if he sees a lot of similarities between the two teams with good running games and good defense)
"Yeah, there are. Like you said, good running games, good defense. It’s going to be a tough battle. I feel like we match up really well with them. It’s going to come down to execution and who wants it more in the end."

(On how the offense can get things going earlier)
"Words can’t really describe it. I can tell you all of the different things. We have to go out there and do it. It’s as simple as that."

(On how much the threat of WR Tavon Austin getting the ball on the end around changes what they do with the normal running game)
"He’s a guy that attracts multiple defenders. I know when defensive coordinators are getting ready for us they really have to think about what No. 11 is going to do. And then they also have to think about (No.) 30 in the backfield. The other guys we’ve got out there, we’ve got ‘Quicky’ (WR Brian Quick), (WR Kenny) Britt, ‘Cookie’ (TE Jared Cook). He does a lot of great things out of the backfield and draws a lot of attention."

(On what other things RB Todd Gurley and Austin open up on the field)
"We’ll just have to find out. Can’t give you too much. I know they have people watching these interviews and seeing if I say anything."

(On if he senses that both teams have a lot riding on this going into the game)
"Every day you play in the NFL it’s always a big game. It’s the NFL. This is the highest point you can go with playing this game. If you take any week lightly, you’re a fool. Every week is the biggest game of my life. So, right now is the biggest the game of my life. It’s the next game up. It’s the NFL, everybody is good. This is an extremely talented team. You said they’re 5-2, it’s going to be a great challenge for us."