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St. Louis Rams Vs. San Francisco 49ers Recap: Gurley, Rinse, Repeat

The Rams, led by Todd Gurley, Tavon Austin and their unstoppable defense, knocked off the 49ers at home. Whether or not that is enough is a question we'll have answered in a week.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams and their fans should be celebrating. It's true, the team has a lot to work on. The offense is struggling quite a bit. But the offense still put up 25 points (it could have been more, as a field goal attempt was blocked by the 49ers). Todd Gurley still dropped big numbers (with a touchdown!). The defense is still dominating. The team is now 2-0 through this five game stretch and while they need to improve, they are still getting it done.

But is it enough?

The Rams next week will face off against the Minnesota Vikings. If they win, they'll be in total control of the 6th seed in the playoffs. Let that sink in. We're in uncharted waters. While you should be celebrating, the ultimate question to ask yourself is this:

Is Todd Gurley enough to float this offense? Because if he isn't, the Rams are screwed.

Like We Didn't Already Know

Oh boy, I've never seen those jerseys before...what a sneak peak.

The Brian-less Quick Five

Todd Gurley, RB

Otherwise known as 'the Rams entire offense'

aka the Toddfather.

aka Just Todd Gurley.

Johnny Hekker, P

Hekker dominated in special teams today. The Rams pinned the 49ers inside their 20 on 4/8 punts. Hekker had an average of 54.5 yards a punt with a long of 60. You can't get much better.

Tavon Austin, WR

The fumble was stupid. Really stupid. But he had more yardage then every receiver combined and accounted for two touchdowns. Outside of Austin and Gurley, the Rams just can't get anything going. Apparently, though, it doesn't really matter.

Mark Barron, LB

Barron has found his true home as a linebacker. He led the team in tackles, had two for a loss and a pass defended. Does anyone else think Barron has shifted the Rams free agent priorities after just two weeks?

Throwback Jerseys

Please bring these back. Please.

Final Thoughts

  • Nick Foles has it rough. He's not the best QB, but when your most reliable target for the day is Lance Kendricks - WHO HAS A GIANT CAST ON ONE HAND - you've got serious problems.
  • Tre Mason needs to better then that, for the sake of the 2016 Rams draft class. We don't need another RB!
  • This defense hasn't given up a touchdown in a month.
  • The Rams put up three offensive touchdowns and have plenty of room to improve. That's a good thing.
  • The team ran the ball 38 times for 200 yards. That's also a good thing.
  • A very good thing? Beating the 49ers. It feels so, so, so, very good.