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Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Now It's a 4 Game Losing Streak

After a 4th straight defeat dropped the Rams to 4-7 on the year, where does Jeff Fisher stand in the eyes of Rams' fans?

John Grieshop/Getty Images

Ooft. That pretty much summarizes yesterday's 7-31 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Rams have now dropped four straight, the first time the Rams have lost that many since the Steve Spagnuolo era – which I don’t need to remind many just how awful that was.

Fine, I’ll remind you.

It was so awful that we begged and pleaded to hire Jeff Fisher, who we all knew (Titans fans warned us) was a .500 coach with a rare good season and plenty of bad ones.

We knew heading into the game that the Bengals are a pretty good team having only lost two games all year. Meanwhile, the Rams started a little losing streak since the Vikings game. However, I don’t think many expected this result.

Once again, I’ll ask you, Rams fans, please rate Jeff Fisher’s performance during the 2015 season with a slight emphasis on the last game. Scale is always the same:

1 – Dude has to go, sooner the better

10 – Time to put in him in CoY discussion

Next week we face a red-hot, first place Cardinals team. That game starts a three-game home stand for the Rams.