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St. Louis Rams At Cincinnati Bengals: Perspectives Begin Shifting To 2016 After Fourth-Straight Loss

A 7-31 drubbing to the Cincinnati Bengals leaves the St. Louis Rams squandering. Now where?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

18-21 to the Minnesota Vikings.

13-37 to the Chicago Bears.

13-16 to the Baltimore Ravens.

7-31 to the Cincinnati Bengals.



We've kind of passed the point of no return here, but we're still at the same six on the injured reserve: G Jamon Brown, WR Isaiah Ferguson, CB E.J. Gaines, OLB Alec Ogletree, OL Rodger Saffold and OL Darrell Williams. OT Andrew Donnal, as of right now, isn't yet placed on IR.

Of course, the major issue now is the future. For such a young team, injuries are as much about upcoming seasons as they are this one. Brown's and Donnal's current condition (and perhaps you can throw RT Rob Havenstein in there for the last month) is the key example of that.

Performance Issues

Yes, tons. Moving on.


Week 12 NFC West Standings

It's not just the NFC West either. The Rams are now in the basement of the NFC as well. The 49ers and the Cowboys are at the bottom as the sole three-win teams, but the Rams, Lions, Eagles and Saints are right there with them as four-win teams.


The Rams come home now for a three-game stand that was supposed to revolve around setting them up for a playoff push ahead of the NFC West road double to close out the 2015 season. Now, it's going to turn into a vent session.

Between the performance of the team and the looming Los Angeles issue, St. Louis fans can be expected to be none-too-happy over this next month...and audibly so. First up are the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals who the Rams beat back in Week 4. Detroit, at 4-7, follows with a hot 5-6 Tampa Bay team up thereafter.

Now, though, all eyes are on the turmoil at Rams Park and how Jeff Fisher and the team survive into the offseason...