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St. Louis Rams' Failings On Display In Report Card After Dropping To Cincinnati Bengals, Fourth Straight Loss

Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

QB - F grade

It's not just that Nick Foles played horribly. He did. It's that Fisherball turns everything at QB to mush.

Sam Bradford. Kellen Clemens. Austin Davis. Shaun Hill. Nick Foles. Case Keenum.

It doesn't matter what you put there. Fisherball will ball it up and spit it back out at you as semi-organic material that's completely useless to you as a football playing commodity. Sure, go ahead and put Sean Mannion in. He'll come out of it as some kind of draugr shuffling amongst the living.

RB - F grade

Don't play favorites with Just Todd Gurley. He, Tre Mason and Benny Cunningham totaled 29 yards on 12 carries.

This is your 2015 St. Louis Rams built on the power running game behind a star rookie. Bathe in this.

WR - D minus grade

An improved performance from this group, which says quite a bit. Here's your WR table this week:

Name Tgts Rec Yds TD
Kenny Britt 11 6 63 0
Tavon Austin 6 6 33 0
Bradley Marquez 5 3 13 0
Brian Quick 5 2 8 0
Wes Welker 3 2 12 0

At this point though, I just feel bad for them.

It's futile, and yet there they go. A-sprintin' and a-blockin' and just making a general show of things for no real purpose.

TE - B grade

That's two plus games in a row for this group, especially Jared Cook. Yesterday, it was his blocking that capped off a plus performance. Pick your jaw up.

OL - F grade

With a fair amount of inspection now headed toward the team's future, there are serious questions to be asked about this unit moving forward.

What are the Rams going to do with Greg Robinson for 2016? Is Rodger Saffold an expendability in lieu of any dependability? Can the Rams bank on Jamon Brown getting back to 100% for 2016? Given how much the Rams have relied on Garrett Reynolds, is another versatile veteran needed to plug the gaps for another season? How much offseason capital needs to be spent re-forming the line?

That there are so many questions in Year 4 under Jeff Fisher tells you how good of a job he's done building his offensive line out.

DL - D minus grade

For the first time this season, I thought these guys just looked absolutely exhausted by the game's end. Completely spent.

LB - F grade

The Bengals softened them at the front with the run and then poached around and behind them thereafter. Credit Marvin Lewis and crew for a great gameplan, but the Rams could have done a whole lot more to stem the tide in the belly of the defense.

DB - F grade

Recency bias is real here, but was this their worst game of the season?

Special Teams - D grade

Penalties marred this, but there's also a lack of a degree of difficulty here. Nick Foles threw three interceptions and Johnny Hekker still had to punt five times. That's hard to do.

Coaching - F grade

Kiss my ass.