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Random Open Thread: Missed Trade Opportunities and Old Adrian Peterson vs. New Adrian Peterson

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Good Tuesday evening, St. Louis Rams’ fans.  I hope it finds you well.  Today, for some Rams’ fans, was a relatively unexciting one...maybe even disappointing.  The NFL trade deadline passed, and there’s no news to report.  Should there have been?

Was There A Player You Would’ve Wanted the Rams to Sign/Trade?

I’ll kick it off.  I was pretty vocal [on Twitter] about the Rams trading away Jared Cook.  It ended in a manner no one could’ve imagined was possible...

Were there any players you would’ve been interested in the Rams signing?

Also on twitter, I saw people suggesting they should go after Browns’ center Alex Mack.  Despite his bicep-kissing fall from grace, one Rams’ fan suggested they sign Colin Kaepernick.  I saw a living, breathing, human being state they should give up two second round picks for Calvin Johnson.

Who was "your guy"?  The one you think would’ve helped this team win [more]...

Is This The Most Important Game of the Rams’ Season?

Earlier this year, prior to the onset of the season, I asked the good folks of TST what this year’s most important game was for the Rams.  I’ll admit, I was a bit surprised by the result:  81% of folks said the home opener [hosting Seahawks] was the one the Rams’ needed to win most.

Now that the season is [nearly] halfway done, with the Rams holding a winning record, is this weeks’ matchup in Minnesota the most important game of the remaining year?

More Rushing Yards in Week 9:  TG or AP?

Todd Gurley, nor you, are shocked when folks compare him to Adrian Peterson.  It’s the highest of compliments, it’s exciting for Rams’ fans, and if true, means huge things for the Rams’ for the foreseeable future.  He was drawing those comparisons prior to the draft, and he drew them again today; from Vikings’ cornerback Captain Munnerlyn.  Here’s what he had to say about the Rams’ rookie phenom:

This guy, Todd Gurley, he’s special.  He’s Adrian Peterson all over again.  People don’t realize how big he is...he can hit you with home run speed.  He’s a young Adrian Peterson, but I like our Adrian Peterson better.

That’s fair, Mr. Munnerlyn.  And I don’t know most are suggesting that Gurley's already taken the baton.  Adrian Peterson is still a very good running back.  And with Le’Veon Bell out for the year, many would say he’s currently the best in the game.

Regardless, it’s highly unlikely these two stud RB’s end with the same amount of yardage this Sunday.  These two teams have extremely strong defenses, so gaining yards won’t come easily for either.

But someone’s going to end the day with a better stat line.  Homer glasses off....who ya got?

What Was The Awesome-est Halloween Costume You Saw This Year?

I saw none.  The Mrs. and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, so we went to a secluded cabin near Snowshoe, West Virginia.  I saw not one trick-or-treater...just the way I like it.  I did, however, see a black bear.  Oh, and I also got into a "traffic jam" in the middle of nowhere Virginia...which was caused by a bunch of used-to-be chicken bodies that were scattered all over the road.

Surely you saw a kid - possibly an adult - that made a lasting impression...let’s hear it!

Would You Rather...

Smell like poop and not know it, OR

Constantly smell poop that no one else can smell