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St. Louis Rams Vs. San Francisco 49ers: Snap Counts, Playing Time And Personnel Analysis

The Rams shifted things around on both sides of the ball to deal with the Niners on Sunday. Here's how the playing time shook out.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Garrett Reynolds G 69 100.00%
Greg Robinson T 69 100.00%
Jamon Brown G 69 100.00%
Nick Foles QB 69 100.00%
Tim Barnes C 69 100.00%
Rob Havenstein T 61 88.41%
Tavon Austin WR 49 71.01%
Lance Kendricks TE 49 71.01%
Kenny Britt WR 41 59.42%
Stedman Bailey WR 38 55.07%
Jared Cook TE 38 55.07%
Todd Gurley RB 36 52.17%
Brian Quick WR 35 50.72%
Cory Harkey TE 24 34.78%
Tre Mason RB 21 30.43%
Benny Cunningham RB 10 14.49%
Darrell Williams T 8 11.59%
Bradley Marquez WR 4 5.80%

The first thing that jumped out at me? Kendricks at 71% and Cook at 55%. I'm not sure if it's reflective of Cook's recent performances or a tactical scheme wrinkle based more on San Francisco and the Rams' gameplan, but it was the only game this year in which Lance got more time than Jared.

With the return of Brian Quick to the lineup, you're seeing a huge timeshare at WR underneath Tavon Austin. Quick, Britt and Bailey all logged more than half the snaps but less than two-thirds. Bradley Marquez even saw his first offensive action of the season and even picked up a reception.

And the Rams finally forced some rest on Just Todd Gurley this week, prompting a flood of "IS GURLEY HURT" kneejerk reactions in the 3rd quarter. Of course, the Rams won't always have the buffer of a two-touchdown lead at halftime to make the decision to spell JTG that easy.


Rodney McLeod FS 67 100.00%
Janoris Jenkins CB 67 100.00%
Mark Barron SS 67 100.00%
James Laurinaitis LB 67 100.00%
Trumaine Johnson CB 65 97.01%
T.J. McDonald SS 62 92.54%
Aaron Donald DT 52 77.61%
Michael Brockers DT 44 65.67%
Akeem Ayers LB 39 58.21%
Robert Quinn DE 39 58.21%
William Hayes DE 36 53.73%
Nick Fairley DT 33 49.25%
Ethan Westbrooks DT 31 46.27%
Lamarcus Joyner CB 31 46.27%
Eugene Sims DE 28 41.79%
Maurice Alexander SS 7 10.45%
Marcus Roberson CB 2 2.99%

Mark Barron is balling out of control right now. There's a fair question now to be asked as to why he was being held back. And the emergence of  Alec Ogletree prior to his injury isn't a fair excuse. If anything, the Rams should have found a way earlier to get more of both. It's like suggesting you couldn't get more out of Aaron Donald until Michael Brockers got hurt which he didn't and they could and did (sentence structure, kids).

Right now with the way the defense is playing though, the staff can do no wrong. Hell, Maurice Alexander had to come in for T.J. McDonald for a bit and the Rams still brought the hammer.

Special Teams

Cody Davis FS 29 87.88%
Daren Bates LB 29 87.88%
Bryce Hager LB 28 84.85%
Maurice Alexander SS 27 81.82%
Cameron Lynch LB 26 78.79%
Bradley Marquez WR 24 72.73%
Chase Reynolds RB 22 66.67%
Benny Cunningham RB 18 54.55%
Cory Harkey TE 17 51.52%
Stedman Bailey WR 12 36.36%
Johnny Hekker P 12 36.36%
Jake McQuaide LS 12 36.36%
Tavon Austin WR 11 33.33%
Greg Zuerlein K 9 27.27%
Darrell Williams T 8 24.24%
Demetrius Rhaney C 8 24.24%
Rodney McLeod FS 7 21.21%
Janoris Jenkins CB 7 21.21%
Trumaine Johnson CB 6 18.18%
Mark Barron SS 5 15.15%
T.J. McDonald SS 5 15.15%
Marcus Roberson CB 5 15.15%
Andrew Donnal T 5 15.15%
Garrett Reynolds G 4 12.12%
Greg Robinson T 4 12.12%
Jamon Brown G 4 12.12%
Rob Havenstein T 4 12.12%
Michael Brockers DT 3 9.09%
Ethan Westbrooks DT 3 9.09%
Eugene Sims DE 3 9.09%
Aaron Donald DT 2 6.06%
Lamarcus Joyner CB 2 6.06%
Akeem Ayers LB 1 3.03%
Nick Fairley DT 1 3.03%

The Rams are due for a special teams splash. Of course, Tavon's been getting it done elsewhere, so it feels a bit greedy to ask for more here, but just on the law of averages it feels like something could break here.

And man, could Greg Zuerlein use an error-free game. Not putting the blocked field goal on him, but he needs the support pendulum to swing back in his favor big time.