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St. Louis Rams Web Presence Expanded To Include (UPDATED)

You can never enhance your #brand too much.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With the St. Louis Rams now at 4-7 in the fourth year under Head Coach Jeff Fisher, the fan base is understandably upset at the state of affairs. Throw in the possibility of the franchise moving to Los Angeles, and any St. Louis fans who have yet to reach maximum frustration levels must have mastered some level of meditation that (a) would do a lot of good the world to share their techniques and (b) could make a hell of a lot of money by doing so.

Until those techniques make it to TST, we're left with less calm among the available emotions.

With those emotions in mind, many Rams fans might be willing to explore the internet as an avenue to express their emotions. Some might even attempt to find new websites to vent said anger.

One of those sites, perhaps, could be

It isn't.

Entering into your browser redirects you to the official team page at

We've reached out to the team for comment.

(UPDATED at 3:47pm ET)

Worth clarifying something here. The registrar for the site at Whois is not the Rams:

firejefffisher website registrar info

I just find it strange that a non-Rams entity would purchase the website and redirect it to the team site.

We'll update this page if we get anything else on this.

(UPDATED at 5:25pm ET)

Just heard back from Artis Twyman, the head of the Rams' Communications Dept., saying simply the Rams didn't purchase the domain.

No clue who would've purchased it and then set it to redirect to the team site...