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St. Louis Rams: Today's Game Is Their Biggest Challenge Of 2015

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new day. The five game stretch St. Louis just went through is in the books, and we've learned a lot about this team as fans. But the players have learned quite a bit too, and I think the game today will be more than revealing...

Cincinnati has all the weapons anyone can ask for, with a potentially explosive offense, and stout defense. Playmakers-O'-plenty, quarterback Andy Dalton has A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert heading a great pass catching unit. With 20 of the Bengal's 32 touchdown tallied thru the air, the St. Louis secondary has a huge challenge ahead of them.

Where things get tricky, is the emotional component in this game. On the end of a 2 game losing skid, Cincinnati returns home to try and re-establish themselves as a post season favorite. Their "8-0" start this season is a distant memory after consecutive losses to Houston and Arizona.

For the St. Louis Rams, this actually could be a good thing... Yes, I said: Good thing! To my mind, any time you can catch a team in a "stop the bleeding" moment, there's a very thin opportunity at the start of a game to slice away at any new found confidence an opponent may be relying on. If the Rams can open the game fast with a couple scores, they'll come away with a win. I like Nick Foles starting here, with his competitive hackles roughed up by Jeff Fisher benching him a couple of weeks ago. The Bengals boast a physical defensive front, but the Rams offensive line - though battered by injuries - could very well benefit from a ball control offense to keep Andy Dalton & Co. off the field. Todd Gurley should see more pass reception today, as Frank Cignetti Jr. tries to augment any Bengals' attempt to shut down running lanes between the tackles.

This game is one both teams desperately need to win. For the Rams, if they can get out of Cincinnati with a win, they head home for a three game stretch against Arizona, Detroit and Tampa Bay. A win today would suddenly re-light post season hopes for St. Louis. Cincinnati can't afford to toss this game away, with the AFC North title still very much in doubt. A surging Pittsburgh will be watching today, and they'll be rooting for "Blue n' Gold"...